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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Project 365...Week 16 {Round 2}

{April 14}
 Gathering eggs out at the farm!

{April 15}
 Riding his fourwheeler...he got this for his 2nd birthday & is about to outgrow it!

{April 16}
 He went to the grocery store with KeeKee after school and picked this corn out himself, and put it in the cart!  Ha!  YUMM!

{April 17}
 Helping me making deviled eggs!  Great lil helper!

{April 18}
 Sleeping pics will never get old.

{April 19}
 He love this sticker number book!  

{April 20}
Love my date nights at chick with this little one!  =)


Thursday, April 25, 2013

A few pics from this time last year!

I just thought it would be fun to reflect on what was going on "in our world" as Ryder would say, this time of year--LAST YEAR!  Crazy how fast time flies!  PS-I heard life is so slow in Europe.  They aren't like as consistently busy and going and doing like we are--is this true?!  & if so...I wonder why!  I  love life, but it sure does fly by AWFULLY fast!  

 R making faces at Louie--who's no longer with us...
Poppy having his appendix taken out...the week before his 50th birthday.

Sweet boy climbing up in KeeKee's tree!

 Playing at the neighbors!
 Was my fabulous trip to Savannah, GA really a YEAR ago?!  Boy how time flies!  I've said it before but I'll say it again--if you ever get the chance to go to Savannah--GO...and don't walk, RUN!  Such a neat little place and SO much fun!
Love these girls!  I pray that God blesses me to have a SIL, and to have the relationship that these two have!  =)

I am so thankful for this blog, and being able to look back on memories in life and be reminded off all the wonderful things that go along with one snapshot of a "moment"...Life is good!

Happy Thursday friends! 


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


  • I miss my regular blogging!  This is my last week of classes, and then finals next week and I am free!!--for a week until I start May Intercession!  Ha!  But surely it won't be too bad!  :P
  • A classmate of mine (who is also a single mom) was saying how she can't wait till summer just to be able to clean her house!  I was like OMG-me too!  I'm not even kidding!  If you take any sort of look at my house...you will know that I prefer sleep over a clean house!  :P  I have to get a decent nights rest or I literally am useless the next day!  But bring on summer time!!
  • I can't believe this is my last semester as a real "student"!  All I've got left is my Internship in the Fall--it's a bitter sweet time I tell ya!
  • Have you heard me talk about She Reads Truth and how amazing it is?!  Well...we are starting up a new plan, TODAY!  It's going to be over Hosea!  This caught me off guard and I wasn't even sure what to expect, but I read the intro at the beginning of the book of Hosea in my Bible, and I am super excited, to say the least!  You can read all about how to join in on this wonderful time with the Lord and woman from all over the world HERE
  •  Between now and next Thursday, I have to take a World Lit final, write a World Lit paper, write a math unit summary, take a comprehensive math final, take an advanced science concepts final, write a science lesson plan, write two papers on two different articles, and write a "nature of science" paper...and I think that's it!  I think I can, I can think I can!  ;)
  • R is getting so big so fast...I can't even believe it.  He looks like a school age KID!  Wow!  He has a birthday party to go to on Saturday for a friend of his from his old school!  He's pretty excited!
  • He is also WAAAY excited about the pool opening up for the summer in a month or so...and I also signed the kid up for swimming lessons yesterday!  He's taking a two week long course, that's four sessions each week, so he should be good and ready to go by the end, I would hope!  ;)
  • We get to worship for the first time in our new church sanctuary Sunday morning!  I took a sneak peak of it last Friday night at the Taco Supper, and amazing doesn't even begin to describe it!  I honestly remember when we moved into the FIRST sanctuary there--and I thought IT was huge! God is good and doing great things!
  • I'll be back soon!  I've missed sharing life with you guys!  =)  Hope you  have a GREAT Wednesday and let me know if you decide to join me in the Hosea study with She Reads Truth!  


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Project 365...Week 15 {Round 2}

{April 7}
He thinks he can sleep sideways in the bed--WRONG!  He sleeps just like I do though! 

{April 8}
1st teeth cleaning with Ms. Kim

{April 9}
It's finally been pretty out where we can go play at KeeKee and Poppy's after school every day now!  YAY!

{April 10}
 One day while R was at school I cleaned up his room and put together his train set as best as I could...He always loves to play with them in stores, and I just always got too frustrated when I tried to put his together, so I finally did it!  I was kind of proud of myself!  :P  This was actually some of my brothers train set when he was R's age!

{April 11}
KeeKee got him a little bow and arrow set and he asked me to make it so he could pull the arrows out from something behind his back....so I tried to rig this backpack in a way where he could do that...he is too funny!

{April 12}
 Friday night park date!

 {April 13}
 Gymnastics show with Essie!


Monday, April 15, 2013

Project 365...Week 14 {Round 2}

{March 31}
With Poppy on Easter before heading out to Nana & Pawpaw's

{April 1}
 Out on the farm working with Pawpaw!  That outfit is TOO much!  ;)

{April 2}
At the CFA event with my lil guy!  We both love us some CFA!!

{April 3}
 & we love us some Sonic happy hour too!  

{April 4}
 Ryder man hung out with Poppy one night while me and KeeKee had stuff to do...of course this called for Chick and Moo Moo's!

{April 5}
 We love FRIDAY's!!  We had to try out the new Baskin Robin's in town!

{April 6}
 We started practicing his name using shaving cream on the walls in the shower!  He actually wrote his whole name from memory without me having to write them out for him first!  


Project 365...Week 13 {Round 2}

{March 24}
Mimi got lil guy a guitar just his size!  He has been fascinated with instruments so this is perfect!  He now has an accordion, trumpet, drum set and guitar!  Too funny!  I even have a video of him playing and singing twinkle twinkle little star, I'll try and get it up!

{March 25}
Lil guy in Mama's glasses!  :P

{March 26}
 He was playing train conductor and he used his drum as his steering wheel!  I was his passenger behind him!  :P

{March 27}
Y'all already heard all about this...but I was one happy little girl when I got this!!!  =)

{March 28}
R had begged me to teach him how to play go fish, and I just kept telling him I would when he got a little bit older...well finally I broke down and taught him and he actually got it and LOVES it!!  He asks to play every night now!  

{March 29}
 Dying eggs after his Easter Party at school!

{March 30}
I mad him this tent after he asked...and he just made the perfect little spot in there with his pillows, blankets, and iPad...all while being able to see the TV!  ;)  Oh to be young again! 


R's Gymnastics Show & Our Sickly Saturday

I started taking R to a gymnastics class when he was 18 months old...it's really called "Playful Parenting" but we called it gymnastics.  He even had his birthday party there last September...so we really like gymnastics!  ;)  Now, he goes there every Friday morning during school which is really nice, except for I don't really ever get to see him do his skills!  
I found out last minute this week that they were having a "show" on Saturday morning!  This is something new that they have never done before, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  We went on Saturday, and only one of his friends from school showed up which was kinda sad...but he was excited to see Essie and they hung out the whole time!  =)  Isn't she just the cutest?!
All the kids sat in a big circle...and then a parent had to go out there with them and stretch with them!  Geez louis--they should have warned us about this part, because I was in jeans!
Flappin' those butterfly legs!  :P
 Asleep and awake toes...

 Stretching their backs...

Then they were then broken up into four groups and went around to different stations to do different things.  They just added on to their building, and there is now a entire "preschool gym" which is really nice and this big tree house is new and all the kids LOVE it!  I will admit, it's pretty legit!  ;)

At the end...each group got to come up and get medals...they were seriously SO excited!
It wasn't all that big of a deal, but it meant so much to R and that is all that matters!  He was so proud of his medal and told me he won it because he did the best!  :P

Pretty darn proud!  ;)
Right after his show, we headed to a walk-in clinic because he had been up the entire night before crying because his ear hurt.  This is my baby who has had MULTIPLE ear infections who has not ONCE ever complained about his ears hurting...I only find out something is wrong when he starts to run fever!  So I knew if he was complaining, that something was wrong!
Sure enough...double ear infection...but he's always a trooper!  Poor baby asked them, "Are you going to tickle my throat?"  And when they said no he said, "Well that's what y'all usually do!"  Ha!  Yup...we are usually in there for strep for an ear infection!  I'm just glad he still got to do his show because he would have been really upset if he would have had to miss that! 

He wasn't himself for the remainder of the day, but I just let him do what he wanted and we ended up having a great rest of the day together at home!  We took a long afternoon nap together, went over to KeeKee's for some take out Panera and then came home and crashed!