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Monday, April 15, 2013

R's Gymnastics Show & Our Sickly Saturday

I started taking R to a gymnastics class when he was 18 months old...it's really called "Playful Parenting" but we called it gymnastics.  He even had his birthday party there last September...so we really like gymnastics!  ;)  Now, he goes there every Friday morning during school which is really nice, except for I don't really ever get to see him do his skills!  
I found out last minute this week that they were having a "show" on Saturday morning!  This is something new that they have never done before, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  We went on Saturday, and only one of his friends from school showed up which was kinda sad...but he was excited to see Essie and they hung out the whole time!  =)  Isn't she just the cutest?!
All the kids sat in a big circle...and then a parent had to go out there with them and stretch with them!  Geez louis--they should have warned us about this part, because I was in jeans!
Flappin' those butterfly legs!  :P
 Asleep and awake toes...

 Stretching their backs...

Then they were then broken up into four groups and went around to different stations to do different things.  They just added on to their building, and there is now a entire "preschool gym" which is really nice and this big tree house is new and all the kids LOVE it!  I will admit, it's pretty legit!  ;)

At the end...each group got to come up and get medals...they were seriously SO excited!
It wasn't all that big of a deal, but it meant so much to R and that is all that matters!  He was so proud of his medal and told me he won it because he did the best!  :P

Pretty darn proud!  ;)
Right after his show, we headed to a walk-in clinic because he had been up the entire night before crying because his ear hurt.  This is my baby who has had MULTIPLE ear infections who has not ONCE ever complained about his ears hurting...I only find out something is wrong when he starts to run fever!  So I knew if he was complaining, that something was wrong!
Sure enough...double ear infection...but he's always a trooper!  Poor baby asked them, "Are you going to tickle my throat?"  And when they said no he said, "Well that's what y'all usually do!"  Ha!  Yup...we are usually in there for strep for an ear infection!  I'm just glad he still got to do his show because he would have been really upset if he would have had to miss that! 

He wasn't himself for the remainder of the day, but I just let him do what he wanted and we ended up having a great rest of the day together at home!  We took a long afternoon nap together, went over to KeeKee's for some take out Panera and then came home and crashed!

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  1. That gym is amazing. What I'd give to live in an area that had awesome things like that for kids. Our small town literally has nothing!
    Hope Little Man's ear feels better soon


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