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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Some random Ryder stories...

Just some random "Ryder-isms" for ya...and for me that I want to remember!  =)

  • He put my glasses on the other morning and looked around and said, "These make everything fuzzy and big and in my face!"  Well yes son...
  • Driving down the street where this is a lot of construction and a lot of curves, and some new widened roads, that aren't drivable yet...he said, "We can only go down the right side of the road, right mom?"  Pretty impressed that he noticed we were always on the right side!  :P
  • He was throwing fits the other night at my parents house for some reason and I have been trying to get him to realize that throwing a fit doesn't get him any where and doesn't accomplish anything.  So after the second fit, I was talking to him and said, "What did you accomplish by throwing those fits?" And he looked up at me and said, "I accomplished being a bad boy."  I had to walk out of the room to hide my laugh...
  • Over Spring Break, he seemed to lose his manners!  Like seriously...and I kept telling him, "You better find your manners before you go back to school!"  Well...he was at his Mimi's last night and she asked him something and he politely said, "No mam."  And then he looked up at Mimi and said, "Mimi!  My manners came back...I knew they would!!"
He is seriously always cracking me up and teaching me new things!  I love him to pieces and can't wait to watch him grow into who he is supposed to be!  


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