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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter 2013

Our church is currently adding on to our sanctuary, so we have been meeting in our activity center the passed month or so, and that definitely wasn't going to be enough room for our Easter services, so we met in the High School auditorium....but that also meant no childcare (not that R goes to the nursery anyways)...so I am not ashamed to say we took the iPad to church for lil man to play with.  

It was a beautiful service, as always and Bro. Jason NEVER disappoints on Easter--or any Sunday for that matter!  R did great...I was impressed!

Ever since he has started to go to school full time, he hasn't really been all about going to his Sunday school class on Sundays...and I assume it's just because it's one more time to be away from me and I mean he's with his friends at school ALL day!  But I am happy to say he behaves very well in big church and actually listens to the sermon sometimes and talks to me all about it afterwards, so that makes a Mama's heart happy.

The Easter Bunny stopped by at KeeKee & Poppy's house!  My mug matches my kitchen & I love the verse on it!  The Little Rascals was one of me and Uncle G's favorite movies growing up, so KeeKee urrggghh...The Easter Bunny snagged it for R when she saw it on DVD!  ;)

Oh...you know...just trying to get the perfect picture.  Yeah, that never happens.

We were finally headed out the door to Nana & Papaw's for the afternoon which is always fun!
Helping Karleigh fill up some more eggs with tattoos...

{bad mom....I forgot his Easter basket, so he had to use my lunch box, but he didn't mind!}

The number of cousins who hung eggs has drastically gotten smaller over the years...I guess that's just part of it!
& this is what happens when a sweet boy has had a wild afternoon and no nap!  We took him to his Mimi's on the way home so he could spend the night with her and Pawpaw which is one of his favorite things to do every week!
I wrapped up my #shereadstruth study on The Holy Week that night.  I can't express how blessed I was by this study.  You can read more about my experience HERE.

What a special day with family.  I never want to take an Easter for granted.  If it weren't for our risen savior, we wouldn't be here today.  Thank you Lord!


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