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Monday, April 8, 2013

Raving Customer Chick Dinner

Last week I got an invitation to attend a Chick event for "Raving Customers" AKA--we go there too much.  Ha!  I wasn't sure whether to be embarrassed about this invitation or to be excited about it!  :P  The COO Dan Cathy (Truett Cathy's son) was going to be speaking, and FREE CFA food...so we were going!  My parents already had tickets to a concert in town, so it was just me and R!

Everything was perfect and semi-over the top...which I don't know why I was expecting anything less from CFA!  ;)  We were waited on hand and foot, everything was seriously perfect and of course everyone was so overly nice to you--it almost felt like you were in Disney World!  Even Dan Cathy himself was out serving people there food--and that's exactly how CFA people are!

They told everybody to go in and to fill up the front of the room first...so that's exactly what we did!  We were smack dab at the front of the room, at the front of the table.
And...what do ya know.  Dan Cathy himself comes and sits down right beside Ryder.  I just keep praying silently, "Do not let my son spill his sweet tea with no lid on Dan Cathy.  Do not let my son spill his sweet tea with no lid on Dan Cathy...."
Oh ya know...just hanging out with Dan Cathy, generation 2 of CFA...NO BIG DEAL!  :P
There were lots of BIG cows, and then there was this sweet little girl cow R was obsessed with!  She was really sweet!  R kept wanting me to go dance with him and her on stage...but I tried to tell him Mommies can't dance on stage!  Ha!  :P
We learned a lot about CFA and their plans for the future which are really exciting!  We all got cows, cowbells, megaphones, a book written by Truett Cathy, free sandwich coupons, CFA pens, and a gourmet cookie to take home with us!

Getting our book signed and picture taken before headed out the door!  Such a nice guy, and I can't wait to hopefully visit the corporate office in Atlanta sometime soon!
R and the sweet girl cow again!  :P  He just likes those ladies!
Such a fun night I got to share with my lil man...even though we didn't get home till 10:30, it was well worth it!  =)  I will forever be a fan and frequent CFA purchaser as long as I'm around!  ;)


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