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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


  • I miss my regular blogging!  This is my last week of classes, and then finals next week and I am free!!--for a week until I start May Intercession!  Ha!  But surely it won't be too bad!  :P
  • A classmate of mine (who is also a single mom) was saying how she can't wait till summer just to be able to clean her house!  I was like OMG-me too!  I'm not even kidding!  If you take any sort of look at my house...you will know that I prefer sleep over a clean house!  :P  I have to get a decent nights rest or I literally am useless the next day!  But bring on summer time!!
  • I can't believe this is my last semester as a real "student"!  All I've got left is my Internship in the Fall--it's a bitter sweet time I tell ya!
  • Have you heard me talk about She Reads Truth and how amazing it is?!  Well...we are starting up a new plan, TODAY!  It's going to be over Hosea!  This caught me off guard and I wasn't even sure what to expect, but I read the intro at the beginning of the book of Hosea in my Bible, and I am super excited, to say the least!  You can read all about how to join in on this wonderful time with the Lord and woman from all over the world HERE
  •  Between now and next Thursday, I have to take a World Lit final, write a World Lit paper, write a math unit summary, take a comprehensive math final, take an advanced science concepts final, write a science lesson plan, write two papers on two different articles, and write a "nature of science" paper...and I think that's it!  I think I can, I can think I can!  ;)
  • R is getting so big so fast...I can't even believe it.  He looks like a school age KID!  Wow!  He has a birthday party to go to on Saturday for a friend of his from his old school!  He's pretty excited!
  • He is also WAAAY excited about the pool opening up for the summer in a month or so...and I also signed the kid up for swimming lessons yesterday!  He's taking a two week long course, that's four sessions each week, so he should be good and ready to go by the end, I would hope!  ;)
  • We get to worship for the first time in our new church sanctuary Sunday morning!  I took a sneak peak of it last Friday night at the Taco Supper, and amazing doesn't even begin to describe it!  I honestly remember when we moved into the FIRST sanctuary there--and I thought IT was huge! God is good and doing great things!
  • I'll be back soon!  I've missed sharing life with you guys!  =)  Hope you  have a GREAT Wednesday and let me know if you decide to join me in the Hosea study with She Reads Truth!  


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