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Monday, April 15, 2013

Project 365...Week 14 {Round 2}

{March 31}
With Poppy on Easter before heading out to Nana & Pawpaw's

{April 1}
 Out on the farm working with Pawpaw!  That outfit is TOO much!  ;)

{April 2}
At the CFA event with my lil guy!  We both love us some CFA!!

{April 3}
 & we love us some Sonic happy hour too!  

{April 4}
 Ryder man hung out with Poppy one night while me and KeeKee had stuff to do...of course this called for Chick and Moo Moo's!

{April 5}
 We love FRIDAY's!!  We had to try out the new Baskin Robin's in town!

{April 6}
 We started practicing his name using shaving cream on the walls in the shower!  He actually wrote his whole name from memory without me having to write them out for him first!  


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