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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Half way through 2012!

I can't even believe that this year is already halfway over!  WOW!  Time seriously flies, especially when you have a little one!

In exactly one month & one day, I'll be 23.  To me in my life right now...that is old {no offense to you older folks :P}.  It's just like I'm not 21 (b/c we all know that was SO cool), I'm no longer just one number more than 21, but TWO...i mean...shesh, two more years & I'll be 25.  Yeah, I'm old.  Ha!

In August, Ryder will start full time pre-school, five days a week.  This makes me excited & sad all at the same time.  He is growing up though & I am just so proud of him!

In August, I'll also start my Internship I as a teacher, but I'll also be taking classes.  Should be an insane time from what I hear!

In September, we'll have little man's 3rd birthday to celebrate {did I REALLY just type that?!}--wasn't he just born like....YESTERDAY?

Of course we'll celebrate Halloween in October, & do the whole Pumpkin Patch thing!

November...Thanksgiving with family & a bunch of YUMMY food...

& then it will be December...the last month of the year!  WOW!  December is always a busy, busy month, but oh so fun & full of making memories!  It will also mark the one year count down of this Mama graduating from COLLEGE!!  {can I get an AMEN?!}

Seriously...so hard to believe we are half way to 2013!  That sounds insane...because Ryder starts Kindergarden in 2015!  {I'm gonna have to start buying tissues tomorrow!} ;)


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Adams/Shumate Wedding Recap

I wanted to share a fabulous wedding that I went to a few weeks ago...Every detail was thought of & just perfect!  It was very much the bride & was seriously PERFECT!  The reception was in her parent's backyard & because of limited parking, they provided two trolleys for everyone to ride in from a parking lot close to the neighborhood to their house.  It was so fun!  The wedding party actually left the church in one of the trolleys as well!

{Walking into the backyard from off the trolly...}

{Before it got dark...& let me just say the weather was PERFECT! }
{Food tent}
{Each center piece was different, which I absolutely LOVED!}

{Stuff for the kiddos...}
{Rock candy favors...}

{The darker it got...the neater the lights were!  PERFECT!}

{A few more centerpieces after it got dark...}

{Drink station...}
{They even had potties for us!  The signs said "Ladies" & "Gentlemen"

{...as well as a hand washing station with mirror, hand towels & ALL!}

I told y'all they thought of everything!  & I didn't even get it all!  There was a dance floor for everybody to get down, a fun photo booth, & a yummy mint julep signature drink that was SUPER yummy...& a table full of southern pies that I didn't get pictures of!  It was a spectacular wedding & one I won't forget!  Thanks for letting us be apart of special day Emily & Corey!  


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Half Way Haul

Half way through the week my love muffins!  Now that I'm in school 5 days a week, I can tooootally relate to all of those people who worked 5 days a week & LIVED for the weekends!  Granted, I know I'm only gone part of the day (11-3), but it's stinkin' mid day & messes everything up & I have homework to do on top of all that!  

Any who....

  • Currently my favorite quote...& back ground of my phone, & on my chalkboard in my kitchen

  •  The fab colors I'm rockin' on my nails right now.  {wet n wild candy-licious/rose bonbon & Sally Hansen's Frutti Petutie}

  •  Sweet boy played out in his pool on Sunday afternoon & had a COMPLETE blast.  We'll definitely have to do that more often!

  • I dressed up for class...write it down because this NEVER happens!  Especially not in the summer!  :P

  •  I saw these plates at WM & just LOVED them!  I know they are a knock off of a fancier version, but if I was in the market for new plates, I would have snagged them up!--But I'm completely happy with the ones I have!  ;)
  • Yes....that says 112.  I literally had back sweat after leaving WM, & then unloading all of our groceries into the car.  SHESH.  

  •  We made a trip to Goodwill yesterday after leaving gymnastics because we were on that side of town...& I saw this old kid shopping cart & I made R pose for a picture with it because I had one JUST like it!  He he would have been younger, I would have bought it just because...it brings back so many memories!  I learned how to walk on that thing!  :P

  •  & this is one of the things I scored at GW yesterday....$4 plate holder that I already had the plates for!  I was so happy!  Can't beat that!

  • The expiration date on R's milk is my birthday....so I guess it's getting close!  BIG 2-3!  WOOT!
A one random Ryder story I don't wanna forget...

While we were at the farm & stopped by the Wild Goose, the guy working came back from behind the counter to walk to the back of the store to get us some crickets, & he had on some cowboy boots, a cowboy hat & some old blue jeans tucked into his boots.  My child..who is never at a lose for words said very matter-of-factly..."Sometimes when I'm at my house, I dress up like a cowboy too..."  I about DIED!  What do you do or say?  I just acted like it didn't happen...ha!

Enough of my randomness...hope you have a FAB Wednesday!  =)


Monday, June 25, 2012

Ryder's first trip to the farm!

So last week about mid-week Poppy decided he wanted to take a trip down to the farm & to take R with him--& me of course...the photog!  ;)  So we got our bags packed & the outdoorsiest gear we have & loaded up the truck & headed down to the delta! =)
R fell asleep RIGHT before Poppy came & picked us up...

We stopped in the Shug for some ice cream & to see our fabulous friend Pooh & her parents!  Ryder was SO hyped up the whole time we were with them...but we all had a good visit!  =)
& after a trip to WM for some food & goodies...we still had an hour or so to go from there & Punkin' did great playing on the iPad...

We finally made it there & someone just made themselves at home of course!  I hadn't been in 10 years or so...& nothing really had changed!  Ha!  Dad was so glad to be there...he hadn't been since February because of his knee injury in March.
An old pic of Uncle G we found in a scrapbook...

We finally got to bed around midnight & slept in the next morning, then got up & got around & headed to the Wild Goose for some crickets, and some yummy lunch!

Then Poppy took us on an adventure all over the place...& showed us a lot of cool places.

He asked me to take his picture & posed like that...ha!
We finally came home & all crashed for a little cat nap on the couch...& then it was finally time to go FITCHIN'!
Throwing his "practice reel"...I thought this was a great idea!

First catch of the day...who is more excited?!?!
He wasn't a fan of actually holding the fish!  Ha!

Yes, we fish in beach chairs...don't hate!  :P

 My favorite pic of the weekend! =)
& don't laugh...but all I wanted to do was see the alligator in the pond & I GOT TO!  I was so happy...Poppy spotted him the first time & then I kept an eye out for him the rest of the time.  These pics aren't the best, but he's out there.  It's not the larger thing you see on the right hand side of the pic...but just a ways up from the middle of the picture...just a little dash--that's his head!
& there he is again...the top dash, not the bottom--making his way along the pond!  AHH!!

We made it home after fishing, showered up, fixed some dinner & then I painted my finger & toe nails & we all just hung out!  We had a good ole time & I'm glad I got to experience R's first trip with him!  There will be many, many more trips to this wonderful place for my little man in the future as he grows up & I am so thankful for that!--Thankful for his Poppy, his Uncle & this wonderful place that they can all call "home" during hunting season.