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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Half way through 2012!

I can't even believe that this year is already halfway over!  WOW!  Time seriously flies, especially when you have a little one!

In exactly one month & one day, I'll be 23.  To me in my life right now...that is old {no offense to you older folks :P}.  It's just like I'm not 21 (b/c we all know that was SO cool), I'm no longer just one number more than 21, but TWO...i mean...shesh, two more years & I'll be 25.  Yeah, I'm old.  Ha!

In August, Ryder will start full time pre-school, five days a week.  This makes me excited & sad all at the same time.  He is growing up though & I am just so proud of him!

In August, I'll also start my Internship I as a teacher, but I'll also be taking classes.  Should be an insane time from what I hear!

In September, we'll have little man's 3rd birthday to celebrate {did I REALLY just type that?!}--wasn't he just born like....YESTERDAY?

Of course we'll celebrate Halloween in October, & do the whole Pumpkin Patch thing!

November...Thanksgiving with family & a bunch of YUMMY food...

& then it will be December...the last month of the year!  WOW!  December is always a busy, busy month, but oh so fun & full of making memories!  It will also mark the one year count down of this Mama graduating from COLLEGE!!  {can I get an AMEN?!}

Seriously...so hard to believe we are half way to 2013!  That sounds insane...because Ryder starts Kindergarden in 2015!  {I'm gonna have to start buying tissues tomorrow!} ;)


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