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Monday, June 25, 2012

Project 365...Week 25

{June 17}
 Father's Day!  We had the family over to my mom & dads & it we had a good visit with everybody as always-& Punkin' got to spend the day with his Daddy!  Aren't they cute together?!

{June 18}
 This crazy kid loves his Poppy's iPad!

{June 19}
 One of my new favorite pics!  Burger King crown, baseball glove, underwear, cowboy boots & his woody doll!  #toomuch

{June 20}
 He was trying to be a "police man" with his walkie talkie in his pants...I thought he looked like a little lifeguard!

{June 21}
 Since lil man doesn't take naps, about 6:30 every night...he just konks out where ever he is...& this night happened to be Poppy's lap!

{June 22}
 We went down to Poppy's farm this weekend & were so glad we got to stop in the Shug on our way down & see Pooh & her parents!  We love each of them so much & they are all so special to us!  I'm just thankful my little man has gotten to grow up knowing them & having them in his life even though they are a few hours away--we make it work!

{June 23}
& just a little glimpse of our Saturday!  I can't tell who is more excited!!  Ryder even got his own Woody & Buzz fishing pole for the adventure!  ;)


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