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Sunday, June 17, 2012

These are my confessions...

-I am really looking forward to the season finale of The Client List tonight...

-If I wear a decent outfit one day & know I won't see any of those same people the next day...I'll just wear that same outfit the next day.

-Sometimes I fold clothes & they sit on top of the dryer for two weeks instead of walking them to my room & putting them away.

-I WILL be going to Wal Mart tomorrow night at midnight to get Justin Bieber's new CD...OH, YES I WILL!

-Speaking of, I may or may not listen to his Pandora station every morning while getting ready...& while I'm in the shower.  Yes, no other station....EVER.

-People that blog & set out to be a "professional" blogger really get on my nerves.  Most professional bloggers didn't start their blogging journey hoping for just that, they blogged for themselves, for family & to track/scrapbook their lives...& over time they just kinda happened to become professionals.  Sure it would be nice...but it's so obvious & annoying when that's the only  reason that people blog.  You must have interesting content, knowledge & writing for that matter to become a professional.  {vent over}

-We rarely ever eat at our kitchen table...it's more the gathering spot for everything when we're getting out of the car & I'm completely okay with that.

-Summer school really hasn't been all that bad...at all.  I am happy to say.  I've actually enjoyed some of the stories we've read in fiction (I can't believe I just said that).

-When Ryder's gone for the night, I totally know I should get out & do stuff with my friends, but sometimes I just wanna sit at home on the couch & watch my shows for once without interruption.

-My next wedding...I'd be completely happy if it was just me & my fiancé on the beach some where {preferably Punta Cana or St. Lucia} ;)

-I started Mockingjay in Janurary & have yet to finish it...Catching Fire was so much better!  

-I only wash my hair every other day...& it seriously is so much easier to style the dirtier it is!  :P

What are some of your confessions!  Hope y'all had a fabulous weekend & wonderful day with your Fathers!


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