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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Half Way Haul

It's been a good week around here!  Hard to believe it's already Wednesday {in fact I better go take the trash out for the morning}!  I have a test tomorrow but it shouldn't be too bad, & then only one class on Friday & I will be off to enjoy my weekend!

 Me & mom found these cute little mugs at Target's dollar spot a while back & I just now got around to adding a little cuteness to them.  Nothing fancy...but cute to sit on my computer desk!  I just did it with a sharpie!  It made me want to go down to the potty place & paint!!
Who remembers these one-size fits all bubble shirts that were so popular a long time ago!  I know I had one...it was sleeveless & I ROCKED it!  I saw a lady wearing one at Kroger the other day & wanting to take a pic...& then I saw these at Walgreens & about died!  I guess they are trying to make a come back!  :P
So thankful to have such a tech-savy friend who can control my computer through his computer all the way across town when I have need "help" with something!  :P {Even though he didn't help me at all yesterday!  ;)}
Well my pods are officially gone....sad day--hard to believe that is the new HS.  Unreal.  
I found an old brick of Sharp Dressed Man I forgot I had & I have been wearing it out this week & I absolutely LOVE it!  Can't get enough of it!  ;)
Twine is so popular in the crafty world these days & I knew you could buy it online, but was happy to see it at my local Hobby Lobby if I ever need it in the future!  The same day my mom bought a HUGE spoil of red at TJ Maxx of all places for a fraction of the cost for these!  Gotta LOVE TJ!

Happy Mid Week!  Two more days & it's the WEEKEND!!!


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