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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Project 365...Week 24

{June 10}
Looking sweet before church...

 {June 11}
He went & spent the night with Naynee & her "friends" on Sunday night & Monday he carried around this picture of us all morning!  He had a blast & I was so glad that he got to go!  Thank you for letting him Naynee!  =)

 {June 12}
 Could he seriously STOP growing up!  :(

{June 13}
New favorite addition to the fam from Lizzie!--MUNO!

 {June 14}
 Pretty precious...

{June 15}
 Friday night we went & ate dinner with Poppy at Panera, & I told him I would take him to the movies earlier, but later changed my mind!  :P  So...I took him to Cracker Barrell to play checkers instead & then we hit up Dollar Tree for some goodies!  He passed out on the way home...so I was glad we nixed the movies!  :P

{June 16}
Now is that an outfit or what?!  :P  Love those sweet little tooties!  & I spray painted the hook thing, as well as hung it...all.by.myself!  Be proud!  So...our bags are no longer on the kitchen table or on the floor!  


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  1. He is so precious! My nephew is probably going to come visit me this week (and they're the same age)... We should schedule a play date! :)


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