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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Project 365...Week 23

{June 3}
Sweet boy with cousin Hannah at Mimi's eating a popsicle on the porch!  They are seriously best friends when they are together!

{June 4}
 Ryder's first day of gymnastics for the summer!  I cannot tell you how excited he was!!

{June 5}
 & summer school officially got kicked into gear!  

{June 6}
Ryder has a new babysitter...Lizzie!  They made a tent one day, he helped KeeKee water her flowers after dinner, & goofing off with Mommy before bed! 

{June 7}
  R was spinning around in KeeKee's kitchen & ran into a bookshelf...gave himself a good lil bruise!

{June 8}
 Outside pool time!

{June 9}
Love it!--Even though he is getting almost too big to carry to bed after he falls asleep on the couch!!


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