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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Half Way Haul

Half way through the week my love muffins!  Now that I'm in school 5 days a week, I can tooootally relate to all of those people who worked 5 days a week & LIVED for the weekends!  Granted, I know I'm only gone part of the day (11-3), but it's stinkin' mid day & messes everything up & I have homework to do on top of all that!  

Any who....

  • Currently my favorite quote...& back ground of my phone, & on my chalkboard in my kitchen

  •  The fab colors I'm rockin' on my nails right now.  {wet n wild candy-licious/rose bonbon & Sally Hansen's Frutti Petutie}

  •  Sweet boy played out in his pool on Sunday afternoon & had a COMPLETE blast.  We'll definitely have to do that more often!

  • I dressed up for class...write it down because this NEVER happens!  Especially not in the summer!  :P

  •  I saw these plates at WM & just LOVED them!  I know they are a knock off of a fancier version, but if I was in the market for new plates, I would have snagged them up!--But I'm completely happy with the ones I have!  ;)
  • Yes....that says 112.  I literally had back sweat after leaving WM, & then unloading all of our groceries into the car.  SHESH.  

  •  We made a trip to Goodwill yesterday after leaving gymnastics because we were on that side of town...& I saw this old kid shopping cart & I made R pose for a picture with it because I had one JUST like it!  He he would have been younger, I would have bought it just because...it brings back so many memories!  I learned how to walk on that thing!  :P

  •  & this is one of the things I scored at GW yesterday....$4 plate holder that I already had the plates for!  I was so happy!  Can't beat that!

  • The expiration date on R's milk is my birthday....so I guess it's getting close!  BIG 2-3!  WOOT!
A one random Ryder story I don't wanna forget...

While we were at the farm & stopped by the Wild Goose, the guy working came back from behind the counter to walk to the back of the store to get us some crickets, & he had on some cowboy boots, a cowboy hat & some old blue jeans tucked into his boots.  My child..who is never at a lose for words said very matter-of-factly..."Sometimes when I'm at my house, I dress up like a cowboy too..."  I about DIED!  What do you do or say?  I just acted like it didn't happen...ha!

Enough of my randomness...hope you have a FAB Wednesday!  =)


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  1. Love your "dress up" outfit! It is so difficult to dress up for work now that it's so hot. The thought of dress pants and cardigans is so sad. I am fine in the building, but I DIE when I go outside!

    Your little man is so funny! Did the cowboy say anything back? LOVE it!


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