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Thursday, July 22, 2010

funny stuff!

Few random funny things Punkin has been doing the last few days!--& some ramblings!

-The UPS man rang the doorbell yesterday morning, which made the dog bark, and Ryder crawled UNDER my bed and just sat there.

-I had a laundry basket full of clothes on the floor, right by an ottoman at the end of my bed.  He climbed on top of the clothes in the basket, then crawl/climbed on top of the ottoman, and then proceeded to climb on TOP of my bed.  OMG.  If this is happening at 10 months...what is there in the future?!

-His little farm barn has fallen over on top of another toy, he climbed on top of them both to bang on the TV.

-The other day he grabbed a piece of my mom's carmel popcorn, (& knew he wasn't supposed to have it) was on his way to put it in his mouth, and my mom said "No No" and he stopped and then put it in my mom's mouth!

-He has started to hand me things when he knows he's not supposed to have them!  Smart boy!

-He is walking EVERYWHERE!  I think it finally hit me last night when we were at a friends house and he was just walking all.over.the.place!  I'm used to having to try and make him walk, and he was doing it on his own!  We laugh and say he look drunk wibble-wabblin' all over!

-Ryder officially has four teeth now!  I was brushing the three I thought were there...and made the third lil gum bleed!  POOR BABY!  Two on top, two on bottom!

-I bought Punkin' a lil swimming pool, more like wading pool at Target yesterday...we're gonna try it out later!

-I have started designing his birthday invitations!  WAHOO!  So scary though!

-He has started to "throw them in the pan" lately...when saying Patty Cake, he'll throw both of his hands in the air!  TOO cute!  KeeKee teaches him all those fun things!

-When he whines for someone to pick him up, we've been telling him to say "Up" and he'll make a sound close to it!  Too precious!

-We're supposed to go to another Travelor's game tonight...but we'll see!

-That's all I can think of for now...sorry for the lack of posts!


  1. I found your blog from Jenna's Journey. Your boy is adorable. They grow up so fast! My "babies" are now 10 and 5, and it seems like they were just doing these things!

  2. Popped over from Jenna's Journey. How cute! Love the picture on the post below.


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