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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rainin' on Sunday...

It poured & poured & POURED here on Sunday.  I have never seen the sky go from BLACK to beautiful so fast & so many different times in one day!  Our driveway and yard and street flood pretty bad every time it rains cause the rest of the neighborhood is going downhill and then it's flat at our house.  Boo.  But not for Punkin' to play in the water!  Of course Uncle G took him out there to play!
He just LOOVED it!

Sunday night was baby dedication and I got Punkin' all dressed up for the occasion!  He did so good on stage and I was so proud of him!  The poor shoes that went with this outfit of course no longer fit!  So...I had to come up with something at the last minute!  These worked for the time being...

I love him so much!  & I think he feels the same about me!  (Not from the looks of this picture though!)

Monday morning, which was my first day all summer not to have to get up and go to class, I thought I would take Punkin' to our local donut shop and see how he liked donuts!  I'm not a huge "donut" fan, I usually just get a glazed blueberry cake.  I only got one, and should have gotten two for the both of us!  I gave him lil pieces of and of course the stinker wanted the BIG piece!  

He would give a mean face to the worker, and then  GRRRIIIN so big!  Yes, that is blueberry on his lip.  It adds character.  And yes, he's still in his PJs, this is real life!  But he loved the blueberry cake and I can't wait to take him back!

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