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Monday, July 5, 2010

ryder's first 4th of july!

Saturday night Tonya, Anna and I all went to the Rave in LR to see Eclipse.  They had both read the books, were I have not, and the movie was GOOD, but I wouldn't say that it was better than New Moon.  They both liked it, but you cuold just tell they were thinking the book was SOOOOO much better & their probably right!  If I didn't have a lil munchin' running around and school to read for, I'd probably read them!

This picture is too funny to me...I had to post both of them!  I love how Ryder's cheesin' in the first one and I'm cheesin' in the second!  I guess I thought if I smiled big he would too!  We got up & went to church Sunday morning, and it was so enjoyable and I teared up a few times just thinking about this great country that we live in!

I just can't get enough of this picture!  He was standing up just waving his arms around in circles so proud of himself!  I love how he opens his mouth so wide when he is SO happy!  I didn't even go shopping for a 4th of July outfit, I just found stuff we already had!

He's been doing this a lot lately, and I think it's because he has a top tooth that has just broken through!
Punkin' had never been in a swing before!  We went to the neighbors back yard last night to let him try it out!  I even took him down the slide with me!  Not sure what he thought about it though!

Pops and Uncle G bought Ryder man some of his first fireworks!  We shot them off last night...just some smoke balls, lil colored spinners and some fountains!  Ryder did pretty well, I was proud of him!  He didn't stay up late enough for the Country Clubs' shows, and didn't even wake up!  I was so proud!

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