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Saturday, July 3, 2010

worn out...

Things have been very lazy around here the last 2 days.  We are thankful for that.  Our schedules had been jammed packed since Monday morning, and we are finally getting a break.  As much as I would like to be out at the pool or lake celebrating the 4th, we need some time at home to get things back to normal before the next week starts up again!  Which brings me to...MY LAST WEEK OF SUMMER SCHOOL...probably...EVER!  Ha!
Punkin' is such a good sleeper, and I have finally started to realize that instead of him staying up till 9 or 10 fighting his own tiredness, I should take him for a walk (which is good for me as well) after dinner & some playtime while we clean up, let him play outside in the driveway until the bugs are eating us alive, come inside for bath & a bottle, and that boy is READY for bed!  That's when I can sit down and catch up on DVR'd shows, or do homework if I need to.  He wore me out there for a while fighting sleep when I knew he was so tired!

The other night when I went to check on him, I found his paci just chillin' right on top of his leg.  How this happened I don't know!  H!
He's almost sweeter asleep than he is awake!  :P
Ryder always looks out the window just playing in our room, and today dad was mowing the yard...and I made him stop so Ryder could see him better!  Ryder did NOT know what to think about that!  HAHA!

I think Tonya & I are going to go see Eclipse tonight...we both want to see it and she's headed home in the morning and we haven't gotten to do fun things like we used to when she always visited.  I guess it's cause we're grown up now...  :/  :P

One more thing...any mama's out there?  Ryder has been making the noise like the is grinding his teeth.  The problem is, he only has two bottom teeth, so how would this be possible?  I don't know if he is crunching his jaw together so tight to make this noise or what, and I try to tell him "No no" but poor thing doesn't realize that's what I'm talking about!  ECCCKK...it hurts my ears, and can't be good for him!  HELPPP!!

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