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Saturday, July 17, 2010


I have been so consumed with watching Miss Arkansas every night since Wednesday.  I have been able to go all week the last couple of years, and it's a little bit more difficult to so do now with a little one!  But lucky for me, they started streaming it live this year on the internet!  How fun & convenient!

Every night I've made sure I had dinner and have gotten Ryder some distractions and get the computer charged and ready to watch by 7 o'clock!

There are six girls in the pageant this year who are from Ouachita!  How awesome is that?  A small little Baptist school of 1500 students with SIX competing for the title of Miss Arkansas...AND on top of that 4 of them are EEE's!

Fellow pledge sister Bethany Whitfield won swimsuit Thursday night, EEE sister Alyse Eady tied for talent on Wednesday night and last night a friend of mine from Freshmen year  Kristen Glover tapped her way to winning talent!  I was so SO SO HAPPY for all of them and wished I could have been there to help them celebrate!  As well as Conway girl, Morgan Holt for winning swimsuit Wednesday and evening gown Thursday.

I hope that one day, when all my girlfriends have kids this can be our one week a year to "get away" and have fun and enjoy each other's company on Lake Hamilton, and then go to Miss Arkansas each night!  HOW FUN!  That's something I look forward to so much one day!

Tonight will be THE night.  They will announce the top 10 at the beginning and then each of those girls will compete in swimsuit, talent and evening wear again...if I remember correctly!

I have my top ten..DO YOU!?

TOP TEN-in no particular order

Simone Mullinax-Lakes of the Northwest
Amy Crain-NWA
Bethany Whitfield-Spirit of Arkansas
Belinda Bube-Batesville
Alyse Eady-South Central Arkansas
Kailey Pinson-Northeast Arkansas
Hollyann Crum-White River
Morgan Holt-Petit Jean Valley
Jessica Herring-North Pulaski
Kristen Glover-Cotton Belle
Kim Smith-UofA

okay...there's 11.  I couldn't decide!  Give or take one!  :P

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