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Friday, July 9, 2010

Haircuts & House!

I am now officially done with Summer School!  WAHOO!  Six more hours under my belt to graduating!  

Auntie Allie came to stay with us Monday & Tuesday night and we didn't do much, shopping, Fro Yo, and RYDER'S FIRST HAIR CUT!  =)  I was glad Allie got to go with us so she could take some pictures!  I just took him where I get my hair cut and it took all of 2 minutes!  He did great!  They were all so impressed!  I thought I wanted to let it grow out, but it was getting TOO shaggy and he's getting dedicated this Sunday so I wanted him to look extra handsome!  =)

The finished product!  Can you tell he loves it!?  He is such a HAPPY baby I swear!  Well...most of the time!  Jennifer's hair is so cute, I wish I could pull something off like that!  She always has it different and it always looks good!  Maybe I should become a hair dresser so my hair would always look good!

And this my loves is me and Ryder's new HOME!  Not till August though...but I am beyond THRILLED!  It kinda all happend on accident though, but I am beyond in LOVE and can't wait to get in there and unpack all my stuff that's been in storage for 7 months!  It's close to 50 years old, but the inside is JUST adorable and up to date.  It even has original hardwood floors that are SO neat!  And I LOVE my kitchen probably more than anything, and look forward to spending alot of time in there with my Punkin' cooking and just making memories!

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  1. I am SOOOO excited for you! I can't wait to see it. Yeah for you and "Thanks" to Pops and Keekee. I know you will have it looking extra cute! Naynee


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