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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Playin' in the MUD!

"I'll let Ryder play outside before his nap" turned into..."I guess he can play in the mud, now that he's already dirty".  I never thought I would be the mom that would let my child do this.  BUT, he is a BOY, and I need to let him be a BOY!  He loved it...and we'd still be out there if I had let him!
In the middle of him running around, I was trying to fill up his kiddy pool so I could rinse him off before taking him inside...I tried to unscrew the sprayer WHILE the water was running.  BIG MISTAKE.  Got my clothes all wet, and then I was just like...What THE HECK!  Ha!
I'm glad I let him play in the mud...he would go to a puddle and splash it all in his face!  He did not even care!  I'm sure there will be many other blog posts about my lil man playing in the mud!
I don't know if he knew what to think.  "Here I am, making a mess, and mom's not even stopping me!--SWEET!"  He started to chew on the sprinkler head that I had unscrewed from the water hose...that's why his mouth is all messy! 
I threw that naked boy in the pool to get all of mother nature off of him!  Then we went inside for a nice, warm, bubbly bath--& then my Punkin' was SOO ready for a nap!  I love random  unplanned events like these with my lil man.  I love making memories with him!

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