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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

brain dump...& ramblings

  • Today was such a good day for me & lil Punkin'!  He's been sleeping pretty late, which is totally my fault because I've been letting him stay up so late...we got up, ate some breakfast & got ready to head out & run some errands.  We ran through the bank, went & got my textbooks, went to the police station to registrar my alarm system, & then of course we went to Chick!  ;)  We had a 30 minutes or so before I needed to go pick up kids from school, so we ran in TJ Maxx & I found my first few purchases for Ryder's 2nd birthday!  =)
  • For 1, month long class, I got three HUUUUGE chapter-like looking books.  World Literature.  Those words just want me to make throw up...seriously.
  • I sure do love TJ!  I could go in there every day & it's like a new store! 
  • While playing in the Chick play place, Ryder goes underneath the steps & there was also an older little girl under there today & he would lay down & say " 'nuggle 'nuggle" it was sweet, but I did not want him doing that!  Ha!
  • He had the nastiest-poopiest diaper while inside TJ Maxx & they didn't have a changing table...so I had to go outside & change him in the car & then go back in to check out!  Ahh..I do NOT miss those days, because this has rarely happened in the last year while we are out & about!  :O
  • I am starting to feel guilty about starting school next week & having to leave Ryder every day.  It breaks my heart...he will be with two of his favorite people in the world, KeeKee & Mary Beth, but it will be hard for me to be away from him for so long.  I did it last summer, but he wasn't old enough then to realize I was leaving etc. etc. 
  • I think I'm going to take him to the pool tomorrow, & then The Wonder Place in LR on Thursday!
  • I am not watching The Bachelorette this season.  I'm actually a bit surprised at myself!  Ha!  I am just not interested...at all.  In Ashley or anybody else!
  • I am so SO SOOOO ready for Big Brother to start back up!  It's not till July 3rd or 13th or something...but last season was my first season to watch & I LOOOOVED it!  I wasn't as trashy as I had always thought it was...in fact it really wasn't trashy at all.  
  • I read today that Patrick Dempsey is leaving Grey's Anatomy after they finish filming season 8.  What will that show be without  McDreamy?--NOTHING!  He said he doesn't know what the rest of the cast is going to do..but I mean seriously, him & Mer have to get a divorce, or he is going to have to die!  So...it will be interesting to see where the show goes!
  • I have started to cut up fresh fruit the day I get them from the store.  It makes snacks & meal times so much easier & I don't have to get a knife out every single time!  Just an idea! 
  • I hope y'all are having a good week!  It sure does feel like Monday to me!  I'm all off!



Last week, I hurriedly watched Thursday & Friday's court session & it was more of the same testimonies.  There was one witness in particular that I think made a turning point for the court case.  That was the owner/manager of the towing yard that towed Casey's car from a parking lot where she had abandoned it.  This man had been in the business for 25 years & at one point had worked with trash for two years as well & had dealt with many different smells & had learned to tell them apart.  He had also dealt with cars that had had people commit suicide inside of them at sat for days & days...he learned that distinct smell to be known as human decomposition.

I know that Cindy Anthony took the stand on Saturday, which I haven't seen, but did read some where that for the first time Casey lost it...was sobbing uncontrollably & just couldn't keep it together.   It was like she was realizing that her parents where totally & 100% against her.  As they should be...I don't know how this girl even thinks that she can actually win this case, I may be wrong...but I sure would hate to be wrong.

Today Cindy Anthony took the stand again & three 911 phone calls were played back from when she found out that Caylee had been missing for 31 days.  I can't even imagine having to relive what she is having to relive today...it's one thing to lose a grandchild from an "accident" or someting, but then it's taken to a whole 'nother level when you're having to deal with the fact that her daughter might have murdered her child.  Casey had said she had been "looking for her herself..." & that she knew who had taken Caylee.  (Sounds like BS to me).

I am ready for the day when Casey testifies.  She is the only one that can possibly tell exactly what happened to Caylee when she was "kidnapped" & went "missing".

As a mom, I know that if my child went "missing", I wouldn't just up & start looking for him by myself!  I would immediately contact the police & want all the help I could get from them, as well as my friends & family.  And...if I did decide to just look for him myself, I surely would be doing that every hour of the day I had the energy to be awake, & not out at bars & night clubs participating in "hot-body" contests...WHILE MY CHILD WAS MISSING! 

This is an interesting, but disgusting case at the same time!!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Phone pics from the week...

Lots of pics...to let you know what we've been up to this week!
 {Sr. Baseball players that won State!}
 {Article & picture in the paper the next day}
 {When we "snuggle" every night on the couch before bed...this is just a few of the friends we have to have with us!  ;)}
 {I'm so close to being done with this book...but this quotes reminded me of Scentsy!  =)}
 {Punkin' got a haircut on Wednesday, then mommy got a Stoby's peanut butter & banana shake & we went to the park for a little while!}
 {One of my pretty beauty queen friends & her sis...I just can't get over this picture!}
 {My mom & brother spend the week in PCB for Sr. Trip #jealous #hurryupJuly }
 {I took Ryder to his first circus on Wednesday night!}
 {It really was a lot of fun, & he didn't get scared one time...he danced & clapped & cheer the whole time!}
 {We ran into some of old neighbors who have a little boy 6 months older than Ryder...}
 {They look like brothers, or best friends!  =)}
 {I woke up with a bad sore throat on my left side Thursday morning & went straight to my ENT!  I can't mess around with my throat with my PCPs any more!  Ryder liked to sit in the patient chair...he was saying "KeeKee" here!}
{My new OBSESSION in Pinterest!  Love these nails...which I had the time & patience!}

{This is seriously out of the top of shoe box lids...I will be doing this SOON!}

{How fun huh?!}

{yeah...I'm obsessed with this too.  But look how different she looks!  That's what jail will do to you!  She was a cute girl, & as the article said, the color from her eyes looks as though it has been sucked out of her}

 {Love these nails as well!}
{We went to Naynee's Thursday afternoon for me to have a Scentsy party & Ryder took to all of Karleigh's baby doll stuff!  We don't have that kind of stuff here...I just laughed!  

{I want to try this!}

{OMG.  I love 7 layer dip...& thought these were so cute!  =)}

 {Preface:  Ryder never really "cries" he usually just whines or is mad about something...never, genuinely upset with hurt feelings etc.  Except for the other day when we got home from Naynee's.  Tears were just rolling down his face & he was saying "sweeeet teee"  OMG.  I finally realized we had passed by Sonic & not stopped so he was upset!  Lol...I never thought I'd be "that" mom...but I got back in the car & took him to Sonic for his sweet tea...I can handle 55 cents for happiness.}
 {This one can speak for itself.  hehe!}
 {Snugglein' with his mama!}
 {Helping with breakfast @ MiMi & PawPaw's...}
 {With MiMi's hat on!  Ha!}
 {This was his Daddy's jacket when he was a little boy...}
 {He loves to ride 4wheelers!}
{I want & need this bedding.  It's from Urban Outfitters & no longer available.  If you know where I can find it I would love you forever!  =)


Thursday, May 26, 2011

CAC...Day 2

This video is quite lengthy, but at 2:15, Casey's mom tells her the current "rumor" is that Caylee drowned in the swimming pool at their house & Casey responds with "surprise surprise."  But now...that is what the defense is saying that really happened to little Caylee.  If this was the case, & Casey knew she was innocent & wanted out of jail, she should have told the truth (I use that word lightly) when her mom brought this up.  It just doesn't all add up.

Another thing, they say her dad molested her starting at the age of 8, but when given the choice to see one of her family members, she chooses her dad.  That is a big odd to me as well...if he really was that horrible of a father, you'd think that he wouldn't be the one she wanted to see!  

Today consisted of the State bringing witnesses up on the stand.  Most of them were roommates of Casey's boyfriend at the time, Tony Lazzaro.  There were three other males (plus Tony) & Casey living in the apartment at some point in time between May & July of 2008.  A girlfriend of one of the roommates also testified.  They all talked about how "normal" Casey acted during the time that they knew her, particularly June 20th-ish (just 4 days after Caylee "drowned" in the family swimming pool according to the defendant).  Casey was out partying, partaking in "hot body" contests at a local night club, Fusion, & in charge of the "shot-girls" & making sure they were doing what they were supposed to be doing.  

Don't you think if your daughter had "drowned" just four days prior, you wouldn't be out partaking in these type of activities much less, not have told anyone out her death, or that she was "missing".  At one point they say Caylee was "kidnapped" by the babysitter/nanny that Casey paid $400 a WEEK!  What the heck!...they definitely need to get their stories straight! 

Casey's attorney just seems like a sleez-ball to me!  He is tacky & definitely seems like he is in it for the money, & already knows they this is a case that he canNOT win.

It is interesting to watch Casey's facial expressions as the witnesses answer their questions.  She literally sits there..making no facial expressions, occasionally moving her eyes to a different focal spot & whispering something in her attorney's ear, but nothing more.  Odd.  Odd.  ODD.  

The neighbor that lent Casey a shovel on the day she backed her car into her parent's garage when they weren't home, also went up on the witness stand & confirmed that he indeed let her borrow the shovel.  Why else would she need a shovel??  The defense team tried to get the State to not be allowed to discuss  the "shovel" as it was not "relevant" to the case.  Ummm...okay...??  YES IT IS!!  Especially since Caylee's body was found BARRIED  in woods near their home!!

The rest of today's witnesses got boring.  More Fusion workers & what not.  I might actually have to agree the the Defendant's attorney on how all this talk about Fusion & what Casey's "job" there had to do with the killing/disappearance of Caylee Anthony.

Can't wait for tomorrow!  


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Casey Anthony Case...Day 1

I have been interested in the Casey Anthony case since it all unfolded back in the summer of 2008. It was so sketch & just didn't all match up, even at the time it was going on. I remember hearing about the "mom" out partying at night clubs & getting new tattoos etc. WHILE he daughter was "missing" but no one had reported the little girl missing at the time...It was just all weird.

I read some where last week that the jury had been chosen for the case & it was predicted to last 6-8 weeks & begin today. I had no idea it was going to be LIVE on TV! Oh my word! I got super excited when I found out...that may sound terrible, but this woman is a MONSTER in my eyes & though I could NEVER be an attorney, all this stuff interests me...

I missed most of the LIVE trial today on TV, one because we don't get up before 8...Ryder is my current alarm ;) & I wasn't sure what channel it was one...but you know me I found it on You Tube! =) ALL 23 parts! :O

So...I am currently catching up on the opening statements from today, I will be setting my own alarm to be up by 8 tomorrow to watch! Like I need one more thing to take up my time...

The State of Florida did a pretty bad-A job in their opening statement if I do say so myself! The day-by-day play gave the jury a very good idea of exactly everything that went on & especially all of the crazy lies that Casey told during those 31 days. Everything that the attorney talked about which would lead one to believe Casey murdered her daughter, don't just coincidently line up. There are TOO many things that SCREAM that Casey has to be guilty. I don't see any possible way she can be innocent. The smell in the back of Casey's car, the lies, the phone records, the "job" that she didn't have, the "nanny" that she said she had, google searches, time frame of were abouts...etc.

I just finished watching a little bit of the defendant's attorney's opening case. BLAH is all I can really say. I don't know how much of it I believe, but I know he had to try REAL hard to come up with the story he did. Caylee drowned in the family pool...uhh...really? & accused Casey's dad of helping her hide Caylee's body? But then why would Caylee have been duct-taped all over her head, including her nose, mouth & jaw? Not a bit odd huh?? & all the google searches that were found on their home computer that only Casey had access to during that time of day...even stranger!

Sadly, I'm not on the jury & no one really cares about my opinion... ;) but without even hearing/seeing any hard evidence, I can already tell she's as guilty as guilty can be. No questions asked.

I encourage you to keep up with this trial & I will continue to do blog updates...I'd love to hear what y'all think even & ESPECIALLY if you disagree with me! :)


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Funny Ryder stories...

If I don't write these down...I WILL forget them!

Last night some of my girlfriends were over & were smelling some of my Scentsy stuff. I got out my tins of coffee beans so they could cleanse their smellers! :P. Ryder looked at the coffee beans & said "bugs!"

When we're outside playing, he will crawl up in his swing & say "push you...". Because I always say "Do you want me to push you?". Too funny!

He is into holding hands with me right now & just says "hands??". So sweet! I would never trade his sweetness right now for ANYTHING!

When he puts on his rubber boots to play outside I always slide them on & then tell him to "push" to get hia feet all the way in there. Same for taking them off...I say "kick kick kick" because that's just the easiest way to get them off! He know says "push" & "kick kick kick" when putting on & taking off ALL his shoes! Ha!

I mentioned earlier today that Ryder has been climbing out of his crib.  But I forgot to mention that when I go back there & open the door that he is standing right behind...he hugs me & says "saw-wee, saw-wee, saw-wee".  & I ask, "What are you sorry for...?"  Haha!  One time I even went back there & he had gotten a hat out of a drawer & put it on, as well as shoes!  Ha!  He thought he was cool stuff getting out of his crib & then getting his stuff together like he had some where to go!  Every time, he also had his Tang & Pooh with him...how he climbed out of the crib WITH them..I don't know!

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Phone pics from last week..& randoms

Just now getting around to this...things have been CRAZY here & I don't seem it stopping anytime soon!  I've had so many "errands" to run & that has just kept me busy along with taking care of the house & Ryder etc. etc!  Phew!

 I had a fun Scentsy party last night...I knew all of the people there, so it was really fun!  I love my job so much & love sharing it with new people!  I have another one Thursday night & can't wait!
All these tornados seriously break my heart.  One thing, that lasts just a few short minutes that can do SO much damage.  I can imagine what SO many people are going through.  I read from a former blogger that had a friend that lost a daughter in the storms.  There are so many family & friends going thru the same thing right now...I'm watching the coverage from Oklahoma right now & I am afraid it's not going to stop any time soon before the morning.
 My mom is in Panama City Beach for the week chaperoning my brother's Sr. Trip.  PRAY for her if you think about it!  :P  Hopefully she is getting to enjoy a little bit of her vacation!
 My brother & a friend went fishing last week @ Beaverfork & look who they saw!  Jermaine "bad intentions" Taylor!  Pretty cool huh!?
 Yes, this is my child climbing up on the cabinet knobs to "wasssh" his hands.  I haven't mention that he is also climbing out of his crib now.  The day finally arrived.  My mom said that my brother started climbing out before he was one!  Ha!  Ryder was being EXTREMELY bad on Saturday afternoon so I just went & put him in his bed...not 10 minutes later I heard him screaming & knocking on his bedroom door!  I couldn't believe it!  I put him back in his crib & told him to show me how he climbed out...& he just thru one leg over, held on & then thru the other leg over & slid down!  No big deal!  He didn't take a nap on Sunday afternoon because he kept climbing out of his bed...We are going to have to get Pops to convert it to a toddler bed later this week!
I am crazy...I guess I'm trying to wish away the week, I tried to take the trash out earlier this afternoon, & then I realized our trash doesn't run on Wednesdays, it runs on THURSDAYS!  Ha!  This is my second to last week before I start summer school & I surely don't want to wish it away!

Summer I session is also offering Zumba at our HPER & I think I'm gonna try it out.  I FB-ed our instructor & is she looks hard.freakin'.core & scared me to death!  HA!  But maybe that will be a good thing!  :P

More from Oklahoma tornados...& apparently 3 children a missing in a certain area.  This is terrible..& how does this happen?  I can't imagine what these parents are going through...especially not even know if they are alive or not!  & if they are alive...trying to find them & get to them & make sure they are okay.  Seriously hurts my heart.


Monday, May 23, 2011

7A State Baseball Champs!

6 o'clock finally arrived last night! Can I just start off by saying, I have never, EVER seen so many people at the UCA baseball field!  It was a freakin' MAD HOUSE!  I really didn't want to have to take Ryder because I knew it was going to be an intense game & I wanted to actually watch, but everyone & their grandma was going to the game & his dad getting him fell thru.  So...I took him to Sonic first & got him a "sthweeet tea" & we headed up to the field!  Luckily dad had been there since 2, & mom since 4:30, so we actually had seats!
My sweet little Punkin' loves "battthe-ball" so much!  He squeals just when we turn into the field's parking lot & is so jittery I can't even get him out of his seat fast enough!  We were walking up to the stadium & something good happened in the game before our & the crowd roared, so he SCREAMED like a little girl!  I was like OH MY WORD!  He is too funny!  He sure was happy to his KeeKee & Pops!
{he loves his KeeKee!}
{GAME time!!}
There were three or four sweet little girls sitting in front of us.  Of course Ryder did his usual flirting...high five, knuckles etc. & then the next thing we know he is sitting down there with them!  Ha! At least it was something different for him to do!

Thank goodness, two of my FABULOUS friends, who were trying to help me AND Ryder out, said they were take Ryder down to the grass & let him run around!  I was SO thankful!  This meant I got to actually watch most of the game & enjoy it!  Thank you Abbey & Kelly!
{sweet thing was SO sweaty when he came back!}
{The FINAL score!!  =)}
It was just like all the movies, when the team wins a big game!  I LOVED IT!  They all RAAAN to the mound & dog piled each other!  It seriously was just like a movie!

This is sad, but I have very vivid memories of this from just four short years ago when this was my team & my best guy friends.  They were the ones out there receiving the second place trophy & having to pose & smile after they had just lost probably the biggest game of their lives.  I broke my heart to know that their hearts were breaking.  

I think it was even harder on our boys back then, than it was on Bryant, because we had been ahead the ENTIRE game & then one Fayettville came up there & hit a 2 run homer & automatically won the game.  I will forever hold a grudge to Fayettville.  Lol...So it was like we had it in our hands, & then let it slip out...AKA heartbreaking.  But at least Bryant knew this was coming...we'll they should have.  

{I love the shirts, & that they were selling them before the game was even over!  :P}
{Ryder with his favorite player!  =)}
{I love that I got this on camera!  Father & son..}
This is funny...they were taking a team picture & we were just chatting with G & then we told him to run over there & he had Ryder & just took off!  So...Ryder got to be in the middle of the action!  ;)
{The MVP of the game & his Mama!  Sweet moment!}
{Ryder with his second favorite player..."JAAAYY-TEEEE"!}
{such a TRUE smile!}
{proud parents...I remember my dad kept saying "wow"  "wow"  over & over again!}
{last little talk from Coach Boucher!}

One of my favorite baseball boys!  ;)  Adam & I graduated together & his dad is the baseball coach & his little brother was on the team with my brother.  I was so happy to see him & for Ryder to take to him like he has known him his whole life!
{LOVE this!}
{& because we never do this...bro & sis}
And wouldn't you know that this little was the happiest kid on the block out on that baseball field free to run around!  I couldn't even keep up with him!  Again, I pray that his love for baseball now, stays with him & continues to grow!  My dad already talks about coaching his 5 year old T-ball team & "taking it all" just like he did when Uncle G was little...(they really did go undefeated & win the tourny one year...IN LITTLE LEAGUE!)  Ha!

I am so proud of these boys, & they did not disappoint us this year!  It was fun to watch them grow up playing & loving this sport, & so many of them went out with a BANG!  A few of them are even going on to play college ball which is so exciting!  Needless to say, I am a proud big sister!