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Friday, May 20, 2011

Grey's Season 7 recap!

there's a reason I said I would be happy alone,
& it wasn't because I thought I would be happy alone.
it was because I thought if I loved someone, & then it fell apart, I might not make it.

it's easier to be alone.
because what if you learn that you need love...& then you don't have it?
what if you like it...& lean on it?
what if you shape your life around it...& then it falls apart?
can we even survive that kind of pain?

loosing love is like organ damage.  it's like dying.  the only difference is, death ends.  
this...it could go on forever.

-Meredith Grey

I'm only doing this recap on the season finale of Grey's, because I did it last season as well! =)  You can read it here!  

-Tonight did NOT live up to last season's finale (hospital shooting) or the season before (when George was John Doe & ran over by a car & killed helping an old lady across the street).
-Last season I was on the edge of my seat the ENTIRE time & cussing under my breath every 2 seconds, & covering up my eyes with my hands every few minutes as well.
-The season before that I remember being pregnant & SOOBBING (WHALING UNCONTROLLABLY) when I figured out that John Doe was George.  It was sad in the first place & I'm sure the extra raging hormones didn't help either!  :P

-Ok, on to this season.
-I would have never done what Meredith did, but that's just Meredith...ballsy.  She did something she thought she could get away with.
-If Alex hadn't have been intoxicated, she would have gotten away with it I think.
-I was kinda glad that Derek treated her as a "colleague" & not his "wife" just like she asked.
-Or maybe he shouldn't have...no he should have.  No reason to treat her ANY different than any other person in the hospital.
-It should would be hard having to work with your spouse & deal with conflicts like that.
-I'm glad that Alex regrets saying what he did & tried to take it back.
-I think Alex is a good guy at heart...but has just screwed up a few times.  But he has had a rough life.  Growing up wasn't easy, & the whole Izzy thing & then recently the thing with his family member being in the hospital.
-I could NOT believe that Hunt named April as Chief Resident!  I can't stand her!  She had good intentions...but AH-NOY-ING!
-Sad that Hunt WAS going to pick Alex, but didn't because of everything that "came out".
-I hate the fact that Christina is pregnant & doesn't want a baby.  Breaks my heart...
-I hate it even more for Hunt.  It's HIS baby too & she isn't giving him ANY say in anything.
-I have always hated Christina & this just confirms it.  Uhh...she is SELFISH!  Grow up!
-It's just hard for me to imagine someone being pregnant & not wanting that baby that is growing inside of them.  Especially when their married, & have a good job etc.
-I know it's just a TV show...but DANG!
-I'm glad that Richard finds out what Meredith messed with had to do with Adele.  That did help things a little bit!
-I'm glad that Meredith & Derek are building their dream home on the top of the mountain!
-They can't split up...they have to work out!
-I really didn't think Meredith would take Zoila home from the hospital...I thought she would ditch her & leave her because Derek wasn't with her.
-It seemed as though Meredith used to want to be a mom when she was trying to get pregnant, but not so much since Derek mentioned wanting to adopt Zoila.
-I am glad Lexie told Sloan what she did.  I know how she feels.  "Leave me alone so I can get over you.  I can move on & be happy & get over you...but you have to let me."  That was smart of her I think & very grown up!
-Avery is such a little cutie!  ;)
-It was so sweet & thoughtful for the family of the people who lost loved ones to stay & be there to support the one little survivor on the plane.  I pray that I'm never in that situation, but if I am...I want to be selfless & be there for someone else, even in my darkest days.
-I'm not against Hunt kicking Christina out.  I'm not for divorce...but I do believe Christina is not being fair to their marriage.
-If she does get an abortion...Hunt needs to get out.  I don't know how he loves her in the first place!
-I hope Derek goes home to Meredith soon, so he can be with his daughter!
-At least no one died this year...maybe these break ups are preparing us for some people to leave the show..?  idk?
-I could live without some of them...but no one I really hate & want to see go.

-Thanks for reading if you made it this far!  What did you think about the finale?  Good?  Bad?  Nothing special?  Disappointed?  I was a bit disappointed...  :/  Just because of how good the last two season finales were.


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  1. It definitely was not as EVENTFUL as last years finale but it was kind of nice to not hold a pillow over my face for half of the show. I was very frustrated with Christina and could absolutely not understand why she wouldn't even take into consideration Hunt's feelings. As for Derek and Meredith, he HAS to come back to her, I just won't have it any other way!!!


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