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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Phone pics from the week...

Lots of pics...to let you know what we've been up to this week!
 {Sr. Baseball players that won State!}
 {Article & picture in the paper the next day}
 {When we "snuggle" every night on the couch before bed...this is just a few of the friends we have to have with us!  ;)}
 {I'm so close to being done with this book...but this quotes reminded me of Scentsy!  =)}
 {Punkin' got a haircut on Wednesday, then mommy got a Stoby's peanut butter & banana shake & we went to the park for a little while!}
 {One of my pretty beauty queen friends & her sis...I just can't get over this picture!}
 {My mom & brother spend the week in PCB for Sr. Trip #jealous #hurryupJuly }
 {I took Ryder to his first circus on Wednesday night!}
 {It really was a lot of fun, & he didn't get scared one time...he danced & clapped & cheer the whole time!}
 {We ran into some of old neighbors who have a little boy 6 months older than Ryder...}
 {They look like brothers, or best friends!  =)}
 {I woke up with a bad sore throat on my left side Thursday morning & went straight to my ENT!  I can't mess around with my throat with my PCPs any more!  Ryder liked to sit in the patient chair...he was saying "KeeKee" here!}
{My new OBSESSION in Pinterest!  Love these nails...which I had the time & patience!}

{This is seriously out of the top of shoe box lids...I will be doing this SOON!}

{How fun huh?!}

{yeah...I'm obsessed with this too.  But look how different she looks!  That's what jail will do to you!  She was a cute girl, & as the article said, the color from her eyes looks as though it has been sucked out of her}

 {Love these nails as well!}
{We went to Naynee's Thursday afternoon for me to have a Scentsy party & Ryder took to all of Karleigh's baby doll stuff!  We don't have that kind of stuff here...I just laughed!  

{I want to try this!}

{OMG.  I love 7 layer dip...& thought these were so cute!  =)}

 {Preface:  Ryder never really "cries" he usually just whines or is mad about something...never, genuinely upset with hurt feelings etc.  Except for the other day when we got home from Naynee's.  Tears were just rolling down his face & he was saying "sweeeet teee"  OMG.  I finally realized we had passed by Sonic & not stopped so he was upset!  Lol...I never thought I'd be "that" mom...but I got back in the car & took him to Sonic for his sweet tea...I can handle 55 cents for happiness.}
 {This one can speak for itself.  hehe!}
 {Snugglein' with his mama!}
 {Helping with breakfast @ MiMi & PawPaw's...}
 {With MiMi's hat on!  Ha!}
 {This was his Daddy's jacket when he was a little boy...}
 {He loves to ride 4wheelers!}
{I want & need this bedding.  It's from Urban Outfitters & no longer available.  If you know where I can find it I would love you forever!  =)


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