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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just a few things..

Man!  My week "with nothing to do" didn't quite turn out that way!  I think I get more on my "to-do" list accomplished when I am on a schedule & have a set routine!  All week I kept telling myself, "oh I can do that later..." or "I can do that tomorrow..." Then random things just kept coming up that didn't allow me to get all those things done!  Oh well...NOT a big deal, just weird!  A few things...

So, just a few days short of a year ago...I wrote a post about my little brother growing up & graduating this year.  That was a year ago...& that year is up now.  Today was Senior Recognition Sunday & church that is what triggered my post last year.  He will graduate on Saturday (if the baseball team doesn't make it to the State Finals, which...I'm hoping they do!  ;) )  We had a lil grad party for G & our cousin Carson who also graduates this year at my parent's house tonight.  We had burgers & hot dogs & it was just a fun time to celebrate this season of their life as a family!  

Now for a few randoms from the week...
 {Ryder playing t-ball with Mary Beth whilel we were at Nana & Papaw's 50t wedding anniversary last weekend!}
 {I think we're gonna have to make this purchase for our trip to the beach this year for Punkin' to use with Pop's iPad.  Will probably be WELLLL worth the $39.99!}
 {Pops left his gloves out in the yard & Ryder found them while we were playing!}
 {Some clipboards I decorated for my Scentsy parties!  I love how they turned out!}
 {Have y'all seen this!?  SO CRAZY!}
 {I treated Punkin' to his very own, first sweet tea this week.  We can just say it was a hit!}
 {I taught him how to blow these while on a walk earlier this week & now he LOVES it!}

This was after a fire truck & ambulance made a stop to our back door neighbors...& Ryder didn't LOVE fire trucks so much any more!  :P  It was funny though..I actually knew one of the firemen & we went & looked at the truck & got a sticker afterwards, but he still wasn't all that interested!  He just likes them from a distance!
 We went to one of UCA's last home games this weekend to cheer on Uncle Jon!  Ryder loves baseball so SO much...I can't express it enough!  He gets SO hyper when I tell him we're going to watch "beess-ball" & is WIRED the whole time we're there!  :O  I don't think I sat down one time the whole game!  We can't even drive on campus without him wanting to go watch "beess-ball!"  He even made it home with a game ball!  ;P
I LOVE hearing from my Scentsy clients!  This is from Bethany deep in the heart of Texas!  I love the warmer she got, & might have to order it for myself very soon...I think it looks FAB where she has it sitting!  Thanks again for ordering Bethany!  =)

I hope this weather warms up a bit...so we can continue playing outside all day like we have been!  I love it out there & so does my Punkin'!  The pool opens in two weeks...& then I start class.  Boo.


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