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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day!

I had a great 2nd Mother's Day!  I love being a Mama to this sweet sweet boy!  I thank God every day for letting me be his mom & trusting me to raise him.  What an honor!  I know there are days I slip up & don't give him the attention I should, or even yell at him or say things I probably shouldn't, but I sure do love being his Mom!  Especially when he calls out my name..."Mama!"  That's the best!  He is the BEST!  =)

I am also thankful for my sweet mom!  You don't ever realize how much your mom did for your growing up (& even now) until you become a mom yourself!  It's because of my mom that I am the mom I am today! 

We had a great day Sunday!  We went to church & then had reservations at a place that has a fabulous brunch!  I had been before, but wanted my parents to try it out!  We had to wait a bit when we got there...but it ended up being good, & Punkin' behaved & LOVED the chocolate covered strawberries!  I enjoyed a belgium waffle with chocolate chips & syrup, some pasta with too many boiled shrimp, & some chocolate covered strawberries!  It was FAB!  Great change for eating out!

 Funny: Garrett got my mom a card & my dad asked him if he got me one too.  Garrett said.."Woops, I forgot she was a mom."  Lol...
 {Mom with her kiddos!}
 {He loves his Pops!}

& look who we ran into!  Someone we don't see near enough...but LOVE her!  She is a great Auntie Dell to my Punkin'


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