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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

brain dump...& ramblings

  • Today was such a good day for me & lil Punkin'!  He's been sleeping pretty late, which is totally my fault because I've been letting him stay up so late...we got up, ate some breakfast & got ready to head out & run some errands.  We ran through the bank, went & got my textbooks, went to the police station to registrar my alarm system, & then of course we went to Chick!  ;)  We had a 30 minutes or so before I needed to go pick up kids from school, so we ran in TJ Maxx & I found my first few purchases for Ryder's 2nd birthday!  =)
  • For 1, month long class, I got three HUUUUGE chapter-like looking books.  World Literature.  Those words just want me to make throw up...seriously.
  • I sure do love TJ!  I could go in there every day & it's like a new store! 
  • While playing in the Chick play place, Ryder goes underneath the steps & there was also an older little girl under there today & he would lay down & say " 'nuggle 'nuggle" it was sweet, but I did not want him doing that!  Ha!
  • He had the nastiest-poopiest diaper while inside TJ Maxx & they didn't have a changing table...so I had to go outside & change him in the car & then go back in to check out!  Ahh..I do NOT miss those days, because this has rarely happened in the last year while we are out & about!  :O
  • I am starting to feel guilty about starting school next week & having to leave Ryder every day.  It breaks my heart...he will be with two of his favorite people in the world, KeeKee & Mary Beth, but it will be hard for me to be away from him for so long.  I did it last summer, but he wasn't old enough then to realize I was leaving etc. etc. 
  • I think I'm going to take him to the pool tomorrow, & then The Wonder Place in LR on Thursday!
  • I am not watching The Bachelorette this season.  I'm actually a bit surprised at myself!  Ha!  I am just not interested...at all.  In Ashley or anybody else!
  • I am so SO SOOOO ready for Big Brother to start back up!  It's not till July 3rd or 13th or something...but last season was my first season to watch & I LOOOOVED it!  I wasn't as trashy as I had always thought it was...in fact it really wasn't trashy at all.  
  • I read today that Patrick Dempsey is leaving Grey's Anatomy after they finish filming season 8.  What will that show be without  McDreamy?--NOTHING!  He said he doesn't know what the rest of the cast is going to do..but I mean seriously, him & Mer have to get a divorce, or he is going to have to die!  So...it will be interesting to see where the show goes!
  • I have started to cut up fresh fruit the day I get them from the store.  It makes snacks & meal times so much easier & I don't have to get a knife out every single time!  Just an idea! 
  • I hope y'all are having a good week!  It sure does feel like Monday to me!  I'm all off!


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