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Sunday, May 22, 2011

emotional talk...

This big sister is a wreck. I made it fine thru graduation yesterday...that didn't seem to be too big of a deal.

Then this morning at church, Bro. Jason read a list of "lasts" that kids go thru throughout life. so many of those "lasts" Ryder has alrready accomplished. & alot of them I didn't know were going to be his last when they were. Such as the last time to nurse, last time to wear a onesie, last time to take a bottle etc.

Then he said..."the last time to put on that team jersey and play a game". #tear. It wouldn't have been such a big deal normally...except for my little brother is doing that EXACT thing today. In the 7A State baseball championship.

Not that I wasn't already emottional about what today might hold for my little brother. This just added to it.

I know that this group of boys has the ability to do this an win IT ALL, but that doesn't mean that big sister isn't a train wreck & super nervous about everything. To have come THIS far & then NOT win...it will break my heart to see my little brother have to go thru that.

Another thing..I'm just the big sister! I can't even imagine what it might be like if it was Ryder out there on the field playing for STATE!

Well, it is here...leaving it all out on the field.

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