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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Call me CRAY-ZEE!

Some of y'all might think I'm CRAZY after reading this post, but it's the truth!  Okay?  Deal with it!  :P

With a lot of bloggy friends have SECOND babies...I can officially say that I have baby fever.  Not just because they are having babies, but I feel like Ryder is growing up too fast & getting too old & he "needs" a sibling to be close in age.  

One problem.  No hubby.  No potential hubby.  That's a pretty large problem to have.

But...I want to remember feeling the way I do now, when everything is in place for me to become a mommy again!  =)

As much as I say I want another baby, I think I mainly want another because of Ryder.  I want them to be close in age.  Brother or sister.  But then when I really think about having to take care of TWO...I freak out & change my mind.  Probably because I take care of ONE by myself.  I think my mind automatically thinks of taking care of TWO by myself, even though that's not actually how it's going to be.  

I also find myself thinking that the next one will hopefully & probably be a breeze (even more so than Ryder) because since he was 4 months old, I've taken care of him on my own.  I don't even really know what it's like to "share" the responsible in the house hold with a toddler.  

Kind people offer to help me at restaurants for example when they see me juggling a high chair creased in my elbow with a tray full of food in my hand, a backpack on my back, & a toddler on my hip...but probably sounding very rude, I say, "Oh...I think I got it.  Thank you though."  I truly do mean that.  I do have it. I do it all the time.  I have learned to do things this way.  It's not that I think I'm too good to have help, but it's just easier to do it on my own sometimes (key word...sometimes).  

Even though I have a lot of things I need to accomplish first before welcoming another baby into the world, I can dream right?  Hopefully one day it will come true, & I will be able to provide Ryder with a sibling.  I can only imagine his joy & excitement in having a little brother or sister.  I want to be able to provide that for him!

Bloggy friend Mama Laughlin, announced a few weeks ago she is expecting #2!  I couldn't be happier for her & her hubby, but with her first child, Tucker & Ryder being born on the SAME day...I feel like I'm behind!  :P  They are shooting for an 11-11-11 baby to follow in Big T's footsteps of 9-9-09!  ;)

Everyone has different timings for having children in their lives, so that's what I have to keep telling myself!  Whenever I do have another baby & a sibling for Ryder, that will be the perfect & right time for me.  For us.  

Any who...you can say I'm jealous or just a pathetic single mom who LOVES being a Mommy!  It's not that I'm not fully satisfied & happy with my sweet boy, but I want to share that bond with another sweet muchin'!  Yes..I'm only 21, so I have time...but...you get what I'm sayin'!

& just for kicks...the cute little items I saw on recent shopping trips did NOT help!!  &...it's mostly girl stuff!  :O  Since Ryder I have always said I am SOOOO glad he is a boy!  I don't know why...but I've also always thought I would be so happy being a mom to just boys, but from the looks of these ADORABLE clothes, I probably wouldn't mind having a little girl to dress up!  :P

 {I almost CRIED when I saw this!!}



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  1. HEHE! Those outfits are super cute!
    I really don't care boy or girl, I will be happy with either, too!

    And don't worry, it will happen in God's time, you know that!
    But in the meantime, it's definitely okay to think 'what if?'
    Ryder will be a good brother regardless of how old he is!


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