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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Funny Ryder stories...

If I don't write these down...I WILL forget them!

Last night some of my girlfriends were over & were smelling some of my Scentsy stuff. I got out my tins of coffee beans so they could cleanse their smellers! :P. Ryder looked at the coffee beans & said "bugs!"

When we're outside playing, he will crawl up in his swing & say "push you...". Because I always say "Do you want me to push you?". Too funny!

He is into holding hands with me right now & just says "hands??". So sweet! I would never trade his sweetness right now for ANYTHING!

When he puts on his rubber boots to play outside I always slide them on & then tell him to "push" to get hia feet all the way in there. Same for taking them off...I say "kick kick kick" because that's just the easiest way to get them off! He know says "push" & "kick kick kick" when putting on & taking off ALL his shoes! Ha!

I mentioned earlier today that Ryder has been climbing out of his crib.  But I forgot to mention that when I go back there & open the door that he is standing right behind...he hugs me & says "saw-wee, saw-wee, saw-wee".  & I ask, "What are you sorry for...?"  Haha!  One time I even went back there & he had gotten a hat out of a drawer & put it on, as well as shoes!  Ha!  He thought he was cool stuff getting out of his crib & then getting his stuff together like he had some where to go!  Every time, he also had his Tang & Pooh with him...how he climbed out of the crib WITH them..I don't know!

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