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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Boots & Glasses

Since Ryder got his boots, all he wants to do is wear them!  It doesn't matter where we're going, or what else he has one...he's gonna wear um!  We were headed over to KeeKee (or TeeKee as Ryder calls her now) & Pop's last night & he INSISTED on wearing them!  I thought he looked awfully cute though, but only MY child would be in mud boots & Polo!  :P

{my crazy politician waving at the cars going by!}

Even after we got home & took a bath, put on his new Atlanta Braves PJs from Aunt Kathy, Uncle Sam & Tonya...he still wanted to put his boots on, so I let him!  What would it hurt!  :P
{this is all that he requires to "snuggle" on the couch before bed!}

This was my sweet boy before church this morning.  One of the many Easter Bunny brought him these glasses!  We poked out the sunglasses part & now he just wears him like this & I think he just looks so smart!  =)  He wore them like this all the way to church, & luckily he let me leave them in the car!  Even the guy at the Starbucks drive-thru commented on them!  ha!

We didn't go to Toad Suck once this weekend, which kinda makes me sad & feel like a bad mom, but not really...because I know there will be many more years to come that I will have to take him!  He is still too young to know that he is missing out on anything!  :P


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