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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Outside Fun!

We are back to playing outside all day again & I LOVE it!  That's what we did yesterday besides coming into take a nap (& Mama took a nap too!  ;))  I just haven't felt myself lately & a lil more sleep definitely helped!

Ignore my child's CRAZY hair!  It is passed the point of needing a hair cut & Jennifer couldn't get us in till NEXT Wednesday!  I usually call & we get in the next day or something!  I guess it's a good problem for her to have!  I will no let ANYONE else cut his hair again besides her...already made that mistake once!  :O

I looked up & saw him just laying like this under the slide!  I don't know what he was doing, but it was awfully sweet!  =)

Mama got a BIG Scentsy delivery yesterday!  THREE boxes!  I was so excited!  The UPS man said he was sad to get the good smelling stuff off his truck!  Ha!  (For those of you that know you had stuff on this order, & are wondering why you haven't gotten it yet!  I am waiting till tomorrow when I am getting the NEW June Scent-of-the-Month to make you your own personal sample to try out so that I can give it too you with your delivery!  ;)  I hope that's okay!  :P  The scent is Peach-a-la-mode & all I have heard a WONDERFUL things about it!)
We had lunch with Abby today at Stoby's as usual!  Punkin' was good most of the time, & loved the fries & chips!  Abby taught him how to say "Cool Dude" & do a thumbs up!  He actually did it too...it was too funny!  
Abby followed us home so we could talk Scentsy stuff! I laid Ryder down & we got to talkin'!  She booked a party with me & bought a warmer & some bars!  =)  It was so good to catch up on life & talk about the future!  Thanks for the visit!  I know Ryder enjoyed it just as much!
 He woke up from his nap & we headed outside.  He INSISTED on wearing the crown & bringing his "Tangs" (all stuffed animals are Tangs to him) outside.  I was so worried about him dropping them in the DIRT!  He didn't though!  He finally put all his "stuff" down & went & played!
 This is how he likes to swing...I don't know why!  Ha!  It's funny though!  Ms. Donna, Kelly & Molly were in the neighborhood & stopped to say hey when they saw us outside!  Believe it or not...we didn't make it to Sonic Happy Hour today.  Hard to believe!
Ryder also likes me to swing beside him, even though it is a BIT uncomfortable & I rock the swing set a bit!  :P  When I sit down he says "hands" because he wants to hold hands!  You can just tell by the look in his eyes that he is so happy & loves it so much!  I love my sweet boy!

We have just recently discovered "Free on Demand"!  Oh my word, there is so much stuff on there!  SOOO many kids shows!  So we watch Micky Mouse Clubhouse all the time now!  There are only 5 shows on there...so we have watched all of them just about 20 times!  But it's just nice I don't have to put in a DVD all the time...it's just RIGHT there!  Pretty much any show on TV any time of day for Punkin!


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