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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Casey Anthony Case...Day 1

I have been interested in the Casey Anthony case since it all unfolded back in the summer of 2008. It was so sketch & just didn't all match up, even at the time it was going on. I remember hearing about the "mom" out partying at night clubs & getting new tattoos etc. WHILE he daughter was "missing" but no one had reported the little girl missing at the time...It was just all weird.

I read some where last week that the jury had been chosen for the case & it was predicted to last 6-8 weeks & begin today. I had no idea it was going to be LIVE on TV! Oh my word! I got super excited when I found out...that may sound terrible, but this woman is a MONSTER in my eyes & though I could NEVER be an attorney, all this stuff interests me...

I missed most of the LIVE trial today on TV, one because we don't get up before 8...Ryder is my current alarm ;) & I wasn't sure what channel it was one...but you know me I found it on You Tube! =) ALL 23 parts! :O

So...I am currently catching up on the opening statements from today, I will be setting my own alarm to be up by 8 tomorrow to watch! Like I need one more thing to take up my time...

The State of Florida did a pretty bad-A job in their opening statement if I do say so myself! The day-by-day play gave the jury a very good idea of exactly everything that went on & especially all of the crazy lies that Casey told during those 31 days. Everything that the attorney talked about which would lead one to believe Casey murdered her daughter, don't just coincidently line up. There are TOO many things that SCREAM that Casey has to be guilty. I don't see any possible way she can be innocent. The smell in the back of Casey's car, the lies, the phone records, the "job" that she didn't have, the "nanny" that she said she had, google searches, time frame of were abouts...etc.

I just finished watching a little bit of the defendant's attorney's opening case. BLAH is all I can really say. I don't know how much of it I believe, but I know he had to try REAL hard to come up with the story he did. Caylee drowned in the family pool...uhh...really? & accused Casey's dad of helping her hide Caylee's body? But then why would Caylee have been duct-taped all over her head, including her nose, mouth & jaw? Not a bit odd huh?? & all the google searches that were found on their home computer that only Casey had access to during that time of day...even stranger!

Sadly, I'm not on the jury & no one really cares about my opinion... ;) but without even hearing/seeing any hard evidence, I can already tell she's as guilty as guilty can be. No questions asked.

I encourage you to keep up with this trial & I will continue to do blog updates...I'd love to hear what y'all think even & ESPECIALLY if you disagree with me! :)


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