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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Phone pics from last week..& randoms

Just now getting around to this...things have been CRAZY here & I don't seem it stopping anytime soon!  I've had so many "errands" to run & that has just kept me busy along with taking care of the house & Ryder etc. etc!  Phew!

 I had a fun Scentsy party last night...I knew all of the people there, so it was really fun!  I love my job so much & love sharing it with new people!  I have another one Thursday night & can't wait!
All these tornados seriously break my heart.  One thing, that lasts just a few short minutes that can do SO much damage.  I can imagine what SO many people are going through.  I read from a former blogger that had a friend that lost a daughter in the storms.  There are so many family & friends going thru the same thing right now...I'm watching the coverage from Oklahoma right now & I am afraid it's not going to stop any time soon before the morning.
 My mom is in Panama City Beach for the week chaperoning my brother's Sr. Trip.  PRAY for her if you think about it!  :P  Hopefully she is getting to enjoy a little bit of her vacation!
 My brother & a friend went fishing last week @ Beaverfork & look who they saw!  Jermaine "bad intentions" Taylor!  Pretty cool huh!?
 Yes, this is my child climbing up on the cabinet knobs to "wasssh" his hands.  I haven't mention that he is also climbing out of his crib now.  The day finally arrived.  My mom said that my brother started climbing out before he was one!  Ha!  Ryder was being EXTREMELY bad on Saturday afternoon so I just went & put him in his bed...not 10 minutes later I heard him screaming & knocking on his bedroom door!  I couldn't believe it!  I put him back in his crib & told him to show me how he climbed out...& he just thru one leg over, held on & then thru the other leg over & slid down!  No big deal!  He didn't take a nap on Sunday afternoon because he kept climbing out of his bed...We are going to have to get Pops to convert it to a toddler bed later this week!
I am crazy...I guess I'm trying to wish away the week, I tried to take the trash out earlier this afternoon, & then I realized our trash doesn't run on Wednesdays, it runs on THURSDAYS!  Ha!  This is my second to last week before I start summer school & I surely don't want to wish it away!

Summer I session is also offering Zumba at our HPER & I think I'm gonna try it out.  I FB-ed our instructor & is she looks hard.freakin'.core & scared me to death!  HA!  But maybe that will be a good thing!  :P

More from Oklahoma tornados...& apparently 3 children a missing in a certain area.  This is terrible..& how does this happen?  I can't imagine what these parents are going through...especially not even know if they are alive or not!  & if they are alive...trying to find them & get to them & make sure they are okay.  Seriously hurts my heart.


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