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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weekly Randoms...

{LOVE this picture.  It says it all about OBL behind captured & killed.  Having been married to a firemen, it seems to mean a little bit more.  I can not see the number 343 any where without thinking about the 343 NYC firemen that died on that day.  That's ALOT of men & alot of firemen.  "Thank you" is not enough...This was a great way to start off the week, but hard to concentrate with having finals to study for.}
 {Punkin' being sassy to his Mama...wonder where he got that!  :P}
 {I picked up some good for Tuscaloosa victims this week to send to Leslie @ Lamberts Lately.  I didn't want to just send money..this felt more meaningful to me.  They are in need of baby items, which hit home to me, so that is what I sent & was so happy to do so!}
 {I'm on a salad kick again...YUMM!}
 {Could he be any sweeter?}
 {Ready to go outside in his "boooths"}
 {Got my brother's graduation announcement in the mail today...I LOVE how it turned out!}
{other side..}
 {I saw this at Walgreens & thought Punkin' would LOOOOVE it!  But would it run the water bill up SUPER high from running the whole you play in it?}
{& this...oh my word!  Has Ryder's name written all over it!  He might need them both!  :P  We spend enough time in the backyard...more toys wouldn't hurt! :P}
{We went for a visit to the farm today & Ryder got to feed baby goats, even though he wasn't that fond of it!}
{& Mama feeding the goats!}

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