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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Last week, I hurriedly watched Thursday & Friday's court session & it was more of the same testimonies.  There was one witness in particular that I think made a turning point for the court case.  That was the owner/manager of the towing yard that towed Casey's car from a parking lot where she had abandoned it.  This man had been in the business for 25 years & at one point had worked with trash for two years as well & had dealt with many different smells & had learned to tell them apart.  He had also dealt with cars that had had people commit suicide inside of them at sat for days & days...he learned that distinct smell to be known as human decomposition.

I know that Cindy Anthony took the stand on Saturday, which I haven't seen, but did read some where that for the first time Casey lost it...was sobbing uncontrollably & just couldn't keep it together.   It was like she was realizing that her parents where totally & 100% against her.  As they should be...I don't know how this girl even thinks that she can actually win this case, I may be wrong...but I sure would hate to be wrong.

Today Cindy Anthony took the stand again & three 911 phone calls were played back from when she found out that Caylee had been missing for 31 days.  I can't even imagine having to relive what she is having to relive today...it's one thing to lose a grandchild from an "accident" or someting, but then it's taken to a whole 'nother level when you're having to deal with the fact that her daughter might have murdered her child.  Casey had said she had been "looking for her herself..." & that she knew who had taken Caylee.  (Sounds like BS to me).

I am ready for the day when Casey testifies.  She is the only one that can possibly tell exactly what happened to Caylee when she was "kidnapped" & went "missing".

As a mom, I know that if my child went "missing", I wouldn't just up & start looking for him by myself!  I would immediately contact the police & want all the help I could get from them, as well as my friends & family.  And...if I did decide to just look for him myself, I surely would be doing that every hour of the day I had the energy to be awake, & not out at bars & night clubs participating in "hot-body" contests...WHILE MY CHILD WAS MISSING! 

This is an interesting, but disgusting case at the same time!!


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