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Monday, May 16, 2011

reminiscing a bit...

So...as of tonight, my brother's High School baseball team is headed to the State Championship game on Saturday!  Last time this happened was MY senior year!  Me & my girls road-tripped to up Fayettville to watch the game...& let's just say, we hope for a better outcome this time!  :P 
 {outside the stadium before the game..}

This year it is here in town, so we don't have to travel far.  I think it will be a good game, & I'm sure my nerves will be just as they were 4 years ago...maybe not as bad!  Back then, our best-guy-friends & boyfriends were on the field & now it's my brother & all his friends!  I can't wait!  =)
 This week I have been reminiscing back on what was going on in my life just four short years ago!  I was graduating from HS as an honor grad, which felt like a big deal back then, but now..not so much!  :P    Me & my besties were getting ready to head out on a lil beach vaca all by ourselves!  There was only one of us that was 18 & she got a tattoo!  Ha!  I think if I had been 18 at the time I would have come home with one too!

 & following up from my last post...here is ME at my "Senior Recognition Sunday!"
It's still hard for me to believe that my little bro is doing & going to do all the things I was doing just four short years ago!  Time sure does fly!  =)


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