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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sunday's Best!

Monday, June 28, 2010

the end...in more than one way.

I have a million other things to be doing right now, but just a little update.

Court went well today, a whole lot better than I expected and I am happy with the courts decision on everything, and don't really have anything to complain about.

On another note, my dad's dad passed away yesterday morning while we were at church/or at lunch.  Dad has a rule that he doesn't take his phoen to church because nothing is important enough for him to have to answer at church.  Little did we know...while we were eating lunch @ Ruby Tuesday's that he would be missing phone call after phone call from Papa John's caretakers.  Him and mom went up to see him, just like a normal Sunday afternoon visit, and he was gone.  They had fed him lunch in his bed, and when they came back he was gone.  I am happy to know that he went peacefully.  He could have lived and suffered for years.  He is in a much better place and I know he doesn't want us to be sad down here!  He is so many great people now that I know he has missed for a long LONG time!

We love & miss you Papa John!
This was his 85th birthday in March!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fro Yo w. Kelly!

We had one busy week.. Mainly to blame on school.  I had an essay due Tuesday morning, and then another rough draft due on Thursday.  Before I even get done with one, I'm having to start another.  I took a "writing" break Wednesday night to get some FroYo with Kelly!-Ryder loves it too!  We ate our goods and then drove around beautiful Conway!
Only two more weeks of Summer 1 and I THINK I CAN MAKE IT!  Then I'll get to enjoy just me and my Punkin' for the rest of the summer!
Ryder telling Kelly what he wanted on his ice cream!
He is going to be walking before too long...you get him like this and he just TAKES OFF!  He is still too scared to actually take some steps by himself, but we're getting there!  I want to be a good blogger again soon...maybe after schools out!  I REALLY DO MISS IT!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day Weekend & 9 Month Appointment

We went to the river on Sunday for Father's day...everybody was there except for Ryder-Man who was with his daddy!  It's sad that with Ryder wasn't there, so I didn't take near as many pictures!  I had to get one of me and Dev because we were wearing the EXACT same thing!  It made me feel so fashionable that a 14 year old was wearing it!  =)
Yesterday was Ryder's 9 month check up and he was just such a happy boy in the waiting room!  He was laughing SO much!  I am so thankful that he is such a happy little boy!  =) 
Weight-20 lbs. (50th %tile)
Length-28 3/4 in. (60th %tile)
Head circumference-? (55th %tile)
Look @ those chunky lil hands....he was cracking himself UP!  HA!
After his one shot, and finger prick for anemia.  He did SOO good I was so proud of him!  As long as he has his Mommy, Pooh & Paci, we are GOOD-TO-GO!

After his appointment Mom took him to Pangburn to see Nana & Papaw again & some family members that were in from Florida that didn't get to see him on Sunday.  They had a good time & Mom said Ryder just followed her around the whole house!

While they were gone, I caught up on some shows and worked on my essay a little more that was due today.  I have my second rough draft due Thursday, and I haven't even started.  Summer classes sure do fly by...well sorda!  HA!  Only 3 more weeks!

Today was a chill day...probably should have worked on my paper a bit, but that didn't happen.  I just had a fun day playing with Ryder-Man!  I missed him last night!!  He has started to clap his hands on his own, and will keep clapping when you "play" Patty Cake!

Tonight I went shopping with Kelly to get some goodies for Charle's birthday!  Boy, is he gonna have a good birthday!  I'm glad Kelly asked me to go with her...we got some GOOD stuff!  =)

Friday, June 18, 2010

good ole' summer days!

I have missed blogging the last few days.  I've been so busy with school & taking care of Little Man & trying to get enough sleep so I'm not miserable the next day...blogging hasn't fit into my schedule!
I took these the other day in the side yard.  I came home from class and this is how mom had him dressed for the day!  TOO cute!  He has just started to stand on his own!  I am so proud of him.  Mom and Uncle G have both see him take a step or two at a time, but I haven't.  :(  He just gets too scared and falls!

He will push anything around he can get his hands on!
He is such a happy lil one!  We went to the pool this afternoon after class and lunch.  I felt like I deserved it after kicking myself all week with school stuff...and my tan was fading!  I swear, I tan fast, but I loose it faster!

This Lil Man makes me SO happy and I can't imagine my life without him!  I am so proud of all the things he is accomplishing and love every second of every day that I get to spend with him.  I love walking in the door from class seeing him just GRINNING ear to ear when he sees his MaMa!  Oh yeah..he's been saying "MAH MAH MAH MAH" but I think it's just a new sound to him that he discovered...not really for me!  :/  But oh well!  =)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

down on the FARM...and the swimming POOL!

Thursday Ryder-Man and I loaded up and headed to Naynee's to see her & all the kiddos!  They had a busy day going on, but we were glad we got stop in and hang out for a while!  There's never a dull moment at that house!  I was so thankful that they were willing to keep Ryder for me that night and the falling day!  I think...I mean I know he had an absolute BLAST!  I'm sure he was hardly ever put down!

Before I left, we went outside for a bit to see the new baby goats and swing on the hammock a bit.  It had cooled off a little bit in the later afternoon so it was nice!  The kiddos are always teaching me new things about the farm, and Ryder just LOVED being outside!

Naynee brought Ryder back to me just about the same time on Friday as Auntie Allie got here!  We were so glad she came to stay with us for the weekend...cause KeeKee, Pops & Uncle G all went out of town!  We ordered Stoby's take-out (one of AA's favorites!) & just hung out & once again..caught up on some gossip after lil man went to bed!  
It took us till 1 o'clock to get to the pool on Saturday...but we finally got there!  Punkin' loved it once again!  I am so lucky that he loves it so much!  We ordered some lunch from the 19th hole & just soaked up the sun!  AA's already super golden...and I'm getting there!--HAHA!
Ryder-Man loves his AA!--& the water noodle! It's so big though...he would cry when we took it away from him!  Ha!  I can't wait to take him back!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


On 06.09.10 my lil Punkin' is NINE MONTHS old!  So hard to believe!  It's not as bad as 10 months, cause that's like "only 2 from 12"...9 months doesn't sound AS bad?  RIGHT?  He has been around for as long as he was in my belly!  I love this lil boy more & more every SINGLE day!  Sometimes I can't even believe that he is MINE!
Punkin' in his PJs running around the kitchen!  
Saying "bye bye" & waving at the same time!  He has started to wave both of his arms up & down REALLY fast when he gets excited!  It's too cute!

What's lil man been up to?
-Your pulling up on everything & everyone.  I love when I'm sitting on the floor with you & you'll come & just press your face against my arm or even my neck!
-You're wearing size 3 diapers...a bit big, but it's nice!
-You have just started to balance on your own any where from 20-40 seconds!
-I started Summer School this week, and Ms. Bonnie has been staying with you...so far so good...or so she says!
-Your sleeping through the night...even thought you're not wanting to go to bed till 9 or 10 :/
-I introduced Mac N' Cheese to you...you LOOOVED it!  So messy though!
-Your two little teeth on bottom get cuter & cuter every day!
-Your hair is just growing...and I'm letting it!  & it is SO blonde!
-You accidently said "MaMa" one day...but haven't heard it since.
-When we take your Pooh blanket from you & say "My Pooh" you respond with "MUH PO"
-A lot of 12 month clothes are getting tight...but still wearing different 9 months that are perfect!
-You went swimming for the first time!
-You are a very nosy little boy!  When we go out to eat or shopping, you are turning ALL the way around to look at people!  They love it though!
-KeeKee bought you your first pair of little Nike shoes!  Mainly for the beach, but scratch that now!  Now they will just be cute summer shoes!
-You love messing with stuff in the dishwasher, I just have to keep telling you "No No!"
-You are learning new sounds every day..."GAH" & "TTTAH"
-You will push EVERY single chair in the kitchen around until you can't get them to move any more!
-KeeKee is working with you on "giving five"

Monday, June 7, 2010

What Ryder-Man's been up to...

Mommy's let me start to try new thing!  I love mac & cheese, but sure can make a mess awfully fast!  

Sometimes, the big dogs are out on the back patio and I like to stand and look at them when Mommy raises the blinds!  Those dogs are such a mess!  They would knock me down if I went out there!

I have learned that I can climb the leather couch with my sweaty feet!  Ha!

I sure do love it when my Pops comes home from work!  I am always so excited to see him and he always picks me up & plays with me and makes me laugh & laugh & LAUGH!

We went to a Small Group Dinner at church & I would just push these chairs ALL over the gym!  I can do this at home with the barstools & kitchen table chairs as well!  It's so much more fun than my regular push walker!

I love it when Auntie Dell comes & visits me!  She took me to Target & was such a great help with me for Mommy!

I went SWIMMING for the first time!!  Mommy was so excited to take me!  I just LOOOOOVED it!  Mama D, Mackenzie & her friend were all there too!  I can't wait to go back next time.  I didn't even cry once!

It was a little colder than I'm used to at first...but I got used to it!

Mommy made sure I had on some good sunscreen & a hat to cover my head!

After Mommy changed my diaper, I just chilled there on the chair watching everybody else while she got everything together to leave!--I am hardly ever this still!

We went to Mama D's for a DELICIOUS dinner, and I got to meet Mr. Josh for the first time! He was so good with me!--He held me all through dinner & let Mommy enjoy her meal, fed me a bottle, and even let me sleep on him for a while!

Some people call it a nap...I call it "recharging my battery!"