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Sunday, June 13, 2010

down on the FARM...and the swimming POOL!

Thursday Ryder-Man and I loaded up and headed to Naynee's to see her & all the kiddos!  They had a busy day going on, but we were glad we got stop in and hang out for a while!  There's never a dull moment at that house!  I was so thankful that they were willing to keep Ryder for me that night and the falling day!  I think...I mean I know he had an absolute BLAST!  I'm sure he was hardly ever put down!

Before I left, we went outside for a bit to see the new baby goats and swing on the hammock a bit.  It had cooled off a little bit in the later afternoon so it was nice!  The kiddos are always teaching me new things about the farm, and Ryder just LOVED being outside!

Naynee brought Ryder back to me just about the same time on Friday as Auntie Allie got here!  We were so glad she came to stay with us for the weekend...cause KeeKee, Pops & Uncle G all went out of town!  We ordered Stoby's take-out (one of AA's favorites!) & just hung out & once again..caught up on some gossip after lil man went to bed!  
It took us till 1 o'clock to get to the pool on Saturday...but we finally got there!  Punkin' loved it once again!  I am so lucky that he loves it so much!  We ordered some lunch from the 19th hole & just soaked up the sun!  AA's already super golden...and I'm getting there!--HAHA!
Ryder-Man loves his AA!--& the water noodle! It's so big though...he would cry when we took it away from him!  Ha!  I can't wait to take him back!

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