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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


On 06.09.10 my lil Punkin' is NINE MONTHS old!  So hard to believe!  It's not as bad as 10 months, cause that's like "only 2 from 12"...9 months doesn't sound AS bad?  RIGHT?  He has been around for as long as he was in my belly!  I love this lil boy more & more every SINGLE day!  Sometimes I can't even believe that he is MINE!
Punkin' in his PJs running around the kitchen!  
Saying "bye bye" & waving at the same time!  He has started to wave both of his arms up & down REALLY fast when he gets excited!  It's too cute!

What's lil man been up to?
-Your pulling up on everything & everyone.  I love when I'm sitting on the floor with you & you'll come & just press your face against my arm or even my neck!
-You're wearing size 3 diapers...a bit big, but it's nice!
-You have just started to balance on your own any where from 20-40 seconds!
-I started Summer School this week, and Ms. Bonnie has been staying with you...so far so good...or so she says!
-Your sleeping through the night...even thought you're not wanting to go to bed till 9 or 10 :/
-I introduced Mac N' Cheese to you...you LOOOVED it!  So messy though!
-Your two little teeth on bottom get cuter & cuter every day!
-Your hair is just growing...and I'm letting it!  & it is SO blonde!
-You accidently said "MaMa" one day...but haven't heard it since.
-When we take your Pooh blanket from you & say "My Pooh" you respond with "MUH PO"
-A lot of 12 month clothes are getting tight...but still wearing different 9 months that are perfect!
-You went swimming for the first time!
-You are a very nosy little boy!  When we go out to eat or shopping, you are turning ALL the way around to look at people!  They love it though!
-KeeKee bought you your first pair of little Nike shoes!  Mainly for the beach, but scratch that now!  Now they will just be cute summer shoes!
-You love messing with stuff in the dishwasher, I just have to keep telling you "No No!"
-You are learning new sounds every day..."GAH" & "TTTAH"
-You will push EVERY single chair in the kitchen around until you can't get them to move any more!
-KeeKee is working with you on "giving five"

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