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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

SO much to catch up on...

I'll try to be brief...

Wednesday night I knew my throat was acting up again, and I knew I needed to get in to the the Doc ASAP especially before the 3 day weekend.

I made an appointment, and of course tested neg. for strep and he told me it was allergies & gave me three different allergy medicines to take.  BOO.  I knew they weren't gonna work.  

We already had plans to eat lunch with some HS friends @ Chili's so we headed that way after my appointment.

Ryder was so good the whole time!  He always is...haha!  The boys asked me if he was just happy or was I strict?--I said a little bit of both!

Cliff, Ryder & Dustin!

Aunt Kathy had been here all week with Papa John being in the hospital and we went to eat at Outback that night because everyone was just so worn out.  We hardly ever go there so it was a nice change!  Ryder LOOOOVES when you put him on top of your head! He was grabbing dad's ears & it was TOO funny!

He is walking EVERYWHERE these days with someone's help of course...

I LOVE my sweet boy!

Friday night I was MISERABLE.  My throat hurt SO bad.  I couldn't eat, drink or hardly swallow.  Saturday morning when I woke up I just went straight back to bed, and my parents took care of Ryder al morning.  I really thought that it would start to improve soon, but it never did and at 2 I told my mom we needed to go to the ER...I had had this type of thing before and could feel the abscess flopping around and moving side to side in my throat.  Of course Memorial Day Weekend the ER is FULL of people, but oh well.  I was so miserable...I did not care!

After about 5 hours in there they called in a ENT and I had to have it drained.  It was 10x worse than childbirth I swear, well childbirth wasn't bad to me, so this was BAAAAD.  He "tried" to numb it but he didn't do such a good job!  He told me it was the worst one he had seen and I needed my tonsils out ASAP!

All the meds I am currently on...UHHH...so thankful I don't have to do this everyday for my whole life like alot of people!

Saturday night after feeling like a NEW person, I decided to go see my long lost Roomie the next day!  She had been in Africa for three weeks, and I had missed just talking to her much less seeing her!  We had a great visit, and caught up on a lot of things...HERE & THERE!  Monday we went over to the Kluck's for lunch & got to see 6 day old baby Cayden!  He was SO tiny, but Allie kept telling me, Ryder was this small once!  So weird to think about!  We went out on the lake after that for some sun, but we didn't last very long!  TOO hott and TOO many boats!  HA!

Allie with baby Cayden!


I was ready to get home to my Punkin last night!  He was so glad to see me and I was him!  He just grinned & grinned & grinned!  It was like he had forgotten about me, and was fine, but then when he saw me he was like OH YEAH!  THERE YOU ARE!  I HAVE MISSED YOU!  

While getting his lunch together to go have lunch with Pops I found him IN THE DISHWASHER.  I had to take a picture...but told him not to tell his KeeKee I let him do that.  It will NOT happen again though on my watch!  HA!

We have found a new things he likes...lemons!  He will just suck on them, and it does not bother him a bit!  He got mad when I took it away from him and it was time to go!  Ha!  

While typing this out...I got a call from my Doctor's office with lab results saying I was tested positive for Mono.  WHO KNEW?  lol...they said I was on the downhill side of things, and to just stay away from contact sports (that's not a problem!)  HA!  I could have had this for up to a year...but hopefully it will be over with soon.  

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