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Monday, June 7, 2010

What Ryder-Man's been up to...

Mommy's let me start to try new thing!  I love mac & cheese, but sure can make a mess awfully fast!  

Sometimes, the big dogs are out on the back patio and I like to stand and look at them when Mommy raises the blinds!  Those dogs are such a mess!  They would knock me down if I went out there!

I have learned that I can climb the leather couch with my sweaty feet!  Ha!

I sure do love it when my Pops comes home from work!  I am always so excited to see him and he always picks me up & plays with me and makes me laugh & laugh & LAUGH!

We went to a Small Group Dinner at church & I would just push these chairs ALL over the gym!  I can do this at home with the barstools & kitchen table chairs as well!  It's so much more fun than my regular push walker!

I love it when Auntie Dell comes & visits me!  She took me to Target & was such a great help with me for Mommy!

I went SWIMMING for the first time!!  Mommy was so excited to take me!  I just LOOOOOVED it!  Mama D, Mackenzie & her friend were all there too!  I can't wait to go back next time.  I didn't even cry once!

It was a little colder than I'm used to at first...but I got used to it!

Mommy made sure I had on some good sunscreen & a hat to cover my head!

After Mommy changed my diaper, I just chilled there on the chair watching everybody else while she got everything together to leave!--I am hardly ever this still!

We went to Mama D's for a DELICIOUS dinner, and I got to meet Mr. Josh for the first time! He was so good with me!--He held me all through dinner & let Mommy enjoy her meal, fed me a bottle, and even let me sleep on him for a while!

Some people call it a nap...I call it "recharging my battery!"

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