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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day Weekend & 9 Month Appointment

We went to the river on Sunday for Father's day...everybody was there except for Ryder-Man who was with his daddy!  It's sad that with Ryder wasn't there, so I didn't take near as many pictures!  I had to get one of me and Dev because we were wearing the EXACT same thing!  It made me feel so fashionable that a 14 year old was wearing it!  =)
Yesterday was Ryder's 9 month check up and he was just such a happy boy in the waiting room!  He was laughing SO much!  I am so thankful that he is such a happy little boy!  =) 
Weight-20 lbs. (50th %tile)
Length-28 3/4 in. (60th %tile)
Head circumference-? (55th %tile)
Look @ those chunky lil hands....he was cracking himself UP!  HA!
After his one shot, and finger prick for anemia.  He did SOO good I was so proud of him!  As long as he has his Mommy, Pooh & Paci, we are GOOD-TO-GO!

After his appointment Mom took him to Pangburn to see Nana & Papaw again & some family members that were in from Florida that didn't get to see him on Sunday.  They had a good time & Mom said Ryder just followed her around the whole house!

While they were gone, I caught up on some shows and worked on my essay a little more that was due today.  I have my second rough draft due Thursday, and I haven't even started.  Summer classes sure do fly by...well sorda!  HA!  Only 3 more weeks!

Today was a chill day...probably should have worked on my paper a bit, but that didn't happen.  I just had a fun day playing with Ryder-Man!  I missed him last night!!  He has started to clap his hands on his own, and will keep clapping when you "play" Patty Cake!

Tonight I went shopping with Kelly to get some goodies for Charle's birthday!  Boy, is he gonna have a good birthday!  I'm glad Kelly asked me to go with her...we got some GOOD stuff!  =)

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