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Monday, April 13, 2015

watchin' the ponies run

Every year, my aunt, Linda Sue throws a fun St. Patty's day party at the races.  Before this party, we had never been...but now it's something we look forward to each March.  It's a great time of fellowship with friends and family...and a lil pony fun! ;)
Back story...I can't go to Oaklawn without driving by this Best Western and the one particular room you can see below.  
During Senior year of High School, me and my best friends got to go on a field trip for Skills USA with photography and that top corner room was ours.  Let me just say...don't ever waste your money on staying there!  I still can't believe our school put us up there!  :P  
While we were away...R was at the farm doing this!  
"Shooting this sun"--even though he's been advised not to look at the sun, even with sunglasses on!!

Number 4 obviously lost his jockey!!--so of course he won the race!  Ha!  (even though you can't technically win without a jockey)
I guess I failed to get any pictures of the family...but these will do!  Happy Monday friends!  =)
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