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Monday, March 30, 2015

food trucks at corner 2 corner

A few weeks ago our little town had an event on a Friday night with lots of food trucks from neighboring cities.  It literally rained that entire week, but we were going to let that stop us from food-truckin' it up!

I invited Allie and Josh to go with us and luckily Allie was off work, and we were all able to go!  We did our research on all the food trucks prior to going, to narrow down on choices, and I'm so glad we did....because it was a bit overwhelming once we got there.
On my way home from work I saw this guy downtown...(you can see in this pic how nasty it was out that day!)
Come to find out...one of the food trucks, BEAST, carries my aunt and uncle's meats from their farm!  So I had to make sure I stopped by there.  I was going to get some tacos, but they were out of chicken, so I quickly changed my mind.

Allie tried the chorizo though and liked them!
The was obviously the happening place of the evening.  I had never personally had Chicken and Waffles...but I wasn't against trying them!  I also knew that this was the only truck R would eat anything out of.  
We waited in line a good while, just to order...while Allie enjoyed her tacos!

It was going to be a 35-40 minute wait on our order, so we decided to walk around and hit up some local shops.
Kinda wished I would have tried one of these dogs...but I will next time!
We stepped in White Goat.  I placed Ryder in that chair with a plate full of cookies and a canned Sprite while I looked around.  

Our food was finally ready, and I guess somebody thought it was just too funny that we were eating waffles out of a pizza box! 

I got the baby which was just half a waffle and two chicken strips...and it was JUST enough.  I also held the hot sauce.  It could have used more syrup...but that didn't keep me from leaving a clean plate!
There was a new store open that I wanted to visit while we were there...it had a lot of random stuff, from toy police cars for kids, to chicken coops, to dog houses, to headboards.  All at decent prices too!  Allie and Josh actually left with two things so it was worth our visit!
A night out wouldn't be complete without a stop at Blue Sail.  It was a packed house, that's for sure!  We ended up staying there until 10...I was completely surprised R lasted that long.  But he was GREAT for the most part!

When I saw him like this, not making a peep...I knew it was time to go!

We had a fantastic night out enjoying our little downtown with some of our favorite people...and we can't wait to do it again!

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