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Sunday, March 8, 2015

snow days 3 and 4 (2015)

Snow Days Round Two came exactly one week after the last round!  Another two days I got to spent at home with my lil wild child!

I am boring mom...who does NOT get out in the snow.  Period.  Maybe to take some pics, but that's pushing it!  I didn't get out in it when I was in school, and I don't do it now.  It's just too cold!  (maybe I can blame it on my Raynaud's) ;)

While R was getting ready to go out to play...he was putting on his socks and said, "I need to tell you something, but I think you're gonna be mad."  [shows me the hole in his sock] Then says, "I think it means I'm growing."  He is exactly right!
To grandmother's house we go!!!
Poppy came and got R when he got off work to take him for a spin!  The waders he got for Christmas that he didn't get to use this past season, finally got put to good use!  

We pulled out some hide-away toys that are hidden away JUST for snow days when we're stuck inside and lil bit gets BORED!  It was like he was having a birthday all over again--NEW TOYS!
He made me an "i heart u" picture...I told him to not ever stop making those for me!!  I will accept them always!
KeeKee got R a package of Duck Dynasty "quackers"!!  Hilarious!  They were pretty tasty too!  We were trying to figure out who was who while he was in the bath!  

Also...Amazon PRIME took DD off the instant play and someone was NOT happy about it.  YOu would have thought the world had ended.  He quickly got over it.  Thanks goodness!
This was the last package...but he wants to go back and get more for all his friends at school!  =)

As R would say, "That's a fact JACK!"
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