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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mom & Dad's 30th Wedding Anniversary

My parents' 30th wedding anniversary was March 1st.  For years I knew it was coming up and I always thought I would be married by then and have the money to throw them a decent party with family and friends some where here in town.  That's NOT really my parents...but you only celebrate your 30th once right?!

Anyways...about a month before it was going to be HERE...I realized!  I was like I better get busy!  So I called Naynee (my mom's sister) and was like, we need to do something!!

A few years ago we went to Red Apple Inn to celebrate Nana & Papaw's 50th, and that happens to be where my parents honeymooned, so I thought we would all go enjoy some dinner there!  Nothing too crazy, and just immediate family.  It wasn't a surprise and it all worked out great!  I ordered personalized M&Ms and put in mini glass jars for everybody and they loved them!

My dad loves M&Ms, peanut specifically, which you can't get personalized, but plain ones worked out just fine!
I was so thankful that Nana and Papaw were able to make it!
Nana and Papaw with mom and dad..some how I didn't get a picture of Naynee and Mitch, and we sadly missed Bunky & Linda Sue that evening as they were preparing for the LR Marathon the next day!
 These boys have grown up and are now invited to "grown up dinners"! ;)  Stu is a junior in HS, Coop a senior and Dawson is in college some where! ;)
Mom & dad!

& some how I didn't get a picture of me and G or Korlin either!  Oh well!  We were there! ;)
While we were at dinner, R was hanging out with his dad and his wolf pup! ;)

I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to celebrate my parent's 30th anniversary with them...because not everyone can say that!  
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