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Saturday, March 28, 2015

my first go at homemade cupcakes...

One day at the grocery store, I saw the long line of extracts!  I knew those were game changers...and that was how everyone made such yummy tasting cupcakes!  I grabbed a few that sounded good!
The winter weather rolled in and I knew it was time to have my first go at making homemade cupcakes.  I decided to go with the raspberry first, and I happened to have fresh raspberries in the fridge.  

I was just happy to see them curving on the top!

 Luckily I had some food coloring on hand as well which made them even more fun!  They were a bit dry first go around...so I had to make some more!
...This time I went with purple, which was a little more "raspberry" fitting.  That butter-cream y'all is a game.changer.  I will never buy frosting from the store again!!  I used a lil more milk in this batch, and added some melted coconut oil.  It helped, but I still don't thing I've perfected them!  

I'm gonna keep working on it and see where I get.  Until then, my coworkers will be testing out a lot of cupcakes! ;)

Anybody have a recipe they want to share where the cupcake is just as moist as the butter-cream!?  ;)
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