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Thursday, April 16, 2009

few things...

-I look bigger with a shirt covering my belly than w/o one. & there's pretty much no doubt I'm pregg now.

-A consistent thing I crave it Cheez-Itz. I stop @ gas stations to get some every once & a while.

-Most nights (especially this week) I don't get home till 830-9 from working on so much wedding stuff/trying to get the new house set up/dinner/more wedding stuff.../g's baseball games. I'm learning to use my time wisly-er. lol..

-We rearranged our entire office today...it was CRAZY there for an hour or 2!

-I went to buy Jake's ring today, but they had sold out of it. Luckily she could order me a new one that would be in by Tuesday. I'm getting it engraved on the inside w/ "TTMAB" which means To The Moon & Back...we always say, "I love you to the moon & back." He doesn't know a/b it so I'm excited!

-I'm collecting pictures of Kris Allen stuff a/r town..but I have yet to sit down & upload them to put them on here.

-I'm afraid my time to blog & what not will not really increase after the wedding, b/c I will just be trying to get the house all organized & set up...not to mention the NURSERY!!!

Guess thats all for tonight...WEEKEND TOMORROW!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

lil update...

crazy things a baby inside of you will make you do..

-Last week in the nursery this little girl Sidni wanted to take off her black sweater, so I took it off of her & put it in her bag. I know which bag is hers, b/c it's my favorite one, AND she has her name on it. When it was time for her to go, the black sweater was no where to be fond. Come to find out I had put it in Emmarie's bag...not Sidni's & Emmarie's parents had already come to get her, and left. I had to explain to the poor parents what I had done.

-Going to the post office to get stamps, & came back out to my car--WHERE ARE MY KEYS? Ran back inside, hadn't left them on the counter. I only had my wallet & phone in hand, & my purse was in the passenger seat, WITH MY KEYS IN IT.

-Not once, not twice, but THREE times in the last week, I have parked my car, grabbed my purse & tried to get out of my car...later realizing my car was still running.

-My driving has seen to have gotten ALOT worse. I never really thought it was bad, but Jake sure does comment on my terrible driving alot now. I'm starting to realize it's just the pregnancy.

-I eat 20+ hershey kisses a day at work, but I can only grab 4-5 at a time to not feel so bad.

-I'm hungry ALL the time. The mention, smell or THOUGHT of food gets me ready to eat, just ask my coworkers.

-It takes me a while to get out what I really mean. For example..."I ate Macaroni Grill....I mean McAslister's....I mean GAH!!!--Michaelangelo's leftovers for lunch today."

-I now feel more comfortable in a size medium t-shirt...I steal them out of G's closet to wear.

-I rubberband my pants button everyday now. I only feel comfortable in a/b 2 pairs of my jeans.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


This is us after we got to Mike's where our parents & his brother, sister-in-law & lil niece were to eat dinner together!!
Jake & I with my parents...I was sad G didn't make it.
Jake & I with his parents...the future in-laws!

He had told me he wanted to go out to eat on Friday night...and I was like okay, where are we going? & he said it was going to be a surprise, & that I shouldn't guess, b/c I always get it out of him. My parents had said they were going out to eat @ Mike's with another couple...and I was like, "What if we go to Mike's?" & mom said..."Well we'll sit in the other room, and just act like we don't know ya'll!" ha...LITTLE DID I KNOW!
So my parents left, and Jake came to pick me up...it was no big deal, nothing out of the ordinary. He pulled into Central Fire Station & was like, "I gotta run in here real fast & get a few things...in fact I need your help." I was whining & complaining...like "seriously?!" We could out & walked to the center of the bay (where they park the firetrucks) & he got down on one knee...and pulled out the ring, and tried to put it on my right hand without even saying anything! I was like LEFT HAND!! & I just kinda stood there until he said something...he finally said something...that neither one of us can really remember...and then we just hugged & kissed--& he told me our parents were @ Mike's waiting on us.
He didn't just propose there b/c he works there...that would be retarded, but that was actually the EXACT spot we met in Sept. of 2005 when I was doing volunteer work for hurricane Katrina with DBS. I was 16 @ the time...had just gotten my license & he was only 22!! Which seems so young to me now!!!
And that's the story! Wedding date is April 25th...yes, this year...and it's just going to be a real small out door wedding out @ his parents farm.

It's kinda turned into a Sunday night thing to get together with a few other couples/singles/families & cook out & just hang out! I'm sure one Sunday night here pretty soon it will be out @ our new house! The guy is supposed to be moved out by yesterday...so-
This is Brooke playing with lil Layla...my FAVORITE dog EVER!!!!! I told John Mark (her dad) if he EVER needs a babysitter, he can just drop her off any time!!
& this is Jake's (soon to be our) pet squirrel, Ranger. He has build her a pretty awesome cage that looks like something out of a pet store. He has raised her since she was little bitty. She feel out of her nest during Hurricane Ike...he used to have to bottle feed her twice a day, and now she just eats nuts & grains...and let me tell you--she LOVES her daddy so SO much!

And what you have all been waiting for...


This is the best picture of his lil head (bottom right) you can see where his mouth is open. His lil belly is kinda putching out there on the left. His hand is up by his face...and you can even see his nose a lil bit. Those are his knees all curled up on top of his belly.
His daddy's favorite picture...that he wants blown up & framed, which I will not let him do to my precious lil boy. But there it is! Clear as day! We didn't even have to poke a/r for it! But no doubt a/b this one!

Jake & I are going to dinner with a couple I have never met before..& they are expecting a little boy themselves here pretty soon! So it should be a nice visit!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

i was going to update tonight....pictures & all, but it has just gotten to be TOO late.  I want to have time to sit down & say all I want!